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Just some Smoky Mountain Eye Candy for all y’allses out there . . . .





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The Lightning Charmer cover . . . . it’s purdy

Welp, here ’tis – the cover art for The Lightning Charmer. It’ll be out this month. Something a little different from my former novels. I’m excited and happy, and I hope my readers will love Laura, Ayron, Betty, the crows, the wolf-dog, the lightning, the sex, the love, the supernatural, the fire — I hope my readers will love it all. *Fingers Tightly Crossed*

The Lightning Charmer cover




A haunted man shadows the Smoky Mountain forest. A lonely woman returns to what she left behind. A legacy unfulfilled calls out to them both. .

The sky darkens, the lightning seeks . . .  

The Lightning Charmer is full of whimsy, enchantment, ancient secrets, and dark earthy seduction.  Magendie taps into those primal secret places we all harbor, with a powerful story of learning where one fits in a world that may not fit us.  Braided with color, humor, and loyalty to family, this is storytelling at its best!  Sharla Lovelace, Bestselling and Award Winning author of THE REASON IS YOU

The spell was cast when they were children. That bond cannot be broken. In the deep hollows and high ridges of the ancient Appalachian mountains, a legacy of stunning magic will change their lives forever.

Laura is caught between the modern and the mystical, struggling to lead a normal life in New York despite a powerful psychic connection to her childhood home in North Carolina—and to the mysterious stranger who calls her name. She’s a synesthete—someone who mentally “sees” and “tastes” splashes of color connected to people, emotions, and things. She’s struggled against the distracting ability all her life; now the effects have grown stronger. She returns home to the mountains, desperate to resolve the obsessive pull of their mysteries.

But life in her mountain community is far from peaceful. An arsonist has the town on edge, and she discovers Ayron, scarred and tormented, an irresistible recluse who rarely leaves the forest. As her childhood memories of him surface, the façade of her ordinary world begins to fade. The knots she’s tied around her heart and her beliefs start unraveling. Ayron has never forgotten her or the meaning of their astonishing bond. If his kind is to survive in modern times, he and Laura must face the consequences of falling in love.


Photos: No words . . . Fall in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina Haywood County

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Friday Photos: No Words-old barn, house, church, and a Happy Go Lucky music video for all y’allses from Me’ses. . .



Now go kick some ass  . . . write your ass off, edit your ass off, – shoot, knit your ass off! Just live live live a kick-ass life! (and if you didn’t read the post below, and you don’t like cussin’ then do like I told my facebook buddies – pretend the cuss words are cute lil bunnies. Later y’all.)

Friday Photos: No Words – Mountains & Flowers: different perspective of same

Friday Photos: No Words . . .

maggie valley birds

maggie valley, north carolina

maggie valley, North Carolina nature

Maggie Valley, North Carolina - cove at Killian Knob

Maggie Valley, North Carolina - cove at Killian Knob

(more can be found on my Facebook Page – come join in on our discussions and photos and etc!)

Friday Photos: No words . . .










Photos: No Words – Dupont State Park (and a few from my cove)


(My brother went home today *sad face* so now time to get back to work. I’ll have some photos/video of our Great Smoky Mountains Train ride soon! – Loved it – I have become a true “Train Person” now :-D )

Photos, Peanuts Comic, Video of breezy cove day . . . no words

summer issue of Rose & Thorn

Monday Chaos . . . Have you ever forgotten to put on your pants?

my Kindle – pants on maybe

I finally downloaded some books on Kindle, and began reading one last night. I never thought I’d like it as much as I do, but, I will also say there is a quality missing from it that only print books give me. I will continue to buy print books, of course. Still . . . it’s kind of cool . . . ungh . . . dang.

What about you all? Have a Kindle yet? What do you think about it?

my AH LAWD face

This morning I almost walked out of my house without pants on. Yep. I have been so distracted and discombobulated that I thought I put on my pants and went to open the door to go on my cove walk and something felt wrong – haw haw! Um, Kat! Put on your danged ole pants. If I don’t get this book written soon, I may exit the house Nekkid!

My pea-headed brain thinks it may be time to cut back this blog to once or twice a week. I know how saturated we all can feel with blogs and facebook and twitter, and, doesn’t seem fair if I keep churning out posts and want you to come read when I can hardly ever get me arse over to your blogs anymore!

What about y’all? You thinking of cutting back? Or have you? Would you “forget” a blog that only posts once or twice a week, or would that help you with your own time and visiting?

new coon that’s come visiting – he’s dark with silver – never had one quite this color, purrrrrdy-he’s not wearing pants

walking on Riddle Cove Road sorta down behind us-but with pants on :-D haw!

What I really don’t want to do, unless you all tell me you’d like me to, is to write “Writer’s Advice” or “How to . . . ” because I see so many others doing a much better job at it than I could. There’s enough advice out there without me chiming in, right? But if my chaos is boring or uninteresting, I want to make a change – so  . . .
Am I boring you all? Would you like to see a change? Or do you think my chaos is just fine? Do you wonder if I’m wearing pants right now? (yes I am -haw haw!)

view from porch-with pants on

One quick thing you should read if you are a writer, or even if you are not: I had a big old laugh over this article (lifted from Nathan Bransford’s blog who lifted it from Lisa Brackmann) – Author Promoting Book Gives It Her All Whether It’s Just 3 People Or A Crowd Of 9 People. Haw! I’m still laughing at it!

I love Calving & Hobbes – isn’t this just how we wish we could be? this confident? Sometimes we have to fake it to make it, as the cliche goes, right? Sometimes we just need to feel this danged good about ourselves. Let’s start our own “WE RAWK” club.

wish I had an old typewriter like this! Writing, with pants on

Now that I’ve shared my Monday Chaos, I’m off to sit on the porch–with pants on–and work on VK III.

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