Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. Audience, well, four anyway.

24 Mar

Thought of the day: Mountain critters, like the bobcat screaming last summer that may have eaten the feral kittens under the porch, will decide to visit your home and show themselves in some kind of way when you have company and that showing will make their eyes go wide. The little critters, like the field mouse, won’t come in and show itself when only the residents are home. No, it must creep in and sit on the computer hutch and stare at the guests who are about to go to sleep and suddenly see a critter staring at them and then must spend much of the night trying to catch said critter and put it back outside while the owners are snug in their beds unaware of what is happening downstairs. Huhn.


Last Thursday night I didn’t make it by here on Friday tell you about rehearsals. I had company—my sister in law and twin nieces; and as well, our own Patresa Hartman, writer/columnist and former MSN blogger who defected to another blog. Patresa and I had never met face-to-face until Thursday night, and when she finally met me, I was at Hart Theater, and partially in costume as Clementine (“and I looked good, huh. My fav’rite dress.” ) Sometimes when you meet people you’ve met via the net or through writing or whatever, it’s awkward, but, I immediately felt comfortable around Patresa. She fit right into my craziness *laugh* I hope she comes back to our mountains soon. She’s smart, fun, and pretty, too. But, there are other qualities Patresa has that you can see from her writing and know her and perhaps that’s why it felt as if I’d known her for a few years, because I really have, through her writing. I liked her before I met her, and I respect her as a writer, too – which is a high compliment ("and Bless her heart, that lil’ Patreta stayed through the whole play, even when it went all up into the night time when ever-body orter be in they’s beds so’s they’s chores ain’t late.").


So Thursday night we had rehearsal with my sister in law, twin nieces, and Patresa as audience. Anne, our music person, didn’t arrive until after eight instead of the normal time. All of the cast was already exhausted from a late night the night before. Needless to say, we didn’t give our all in the performance, but, no one missed coming on stage, or forgot words to the song, or forgot their lines, so things are looking good, oh wait…except we did mess up on Another Dead Cow…anyway… This is Tech Week and now lighting and orchestra and the rest of our costumes will be added. I had a few wardrobe malfunctions I hope to get remedied by our talented Mary Olsen (“You too short, Miz kathryn! I’m a mite taller’n you, thas’ why that dress done fit quite right in the length.”) I was glad to know that with the bright stage lights on that night, I couldn’t see the “audience,” so I just forgot about them…*whew*


Last night Francis said, “See you Friday!” and I said, “What’s Friday?” And Francis laughed and said, “Opening night!” And my heart stopped, my breath gushed out all at once, my face turned purple and blue with green splotches, my bones rattled, my teeth chattered, my knees knocked, my toes curled, my tongue dried up, my eyes bulged, my fingers clawed…THIS FRIDAY IS OPENING NIGHT! Oh my gawd…(Shesh up Miz kathryn. Watchoo got to worry over? Y’all knows this stuff….y’all knows us…”)


I will fully become Clementine tonight—with wig and all (“huh.”)  Gawd help us all. (“He ain’t be worrying over no play; he gots bigger fish to catch and fry…hehehe.” 


Theater Word of the Day: Reprise      

Musical term: to repeat, in whole or in part, a song which has already been sung in the show.


6 Responses to “Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. Audience, well, four anyway.”

  1. P March 24, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    thank you for saying such nice things about me, ms. kat. (sucker!)
    word to the wise: kat\’s voice is lower than you think. (even though i know what your voice sounds like now, i am still reading you in the voice i had assigned to you. isn\’t that weird?)
    ms. kat also emits all kinds of positive energy, has excellent taste in art and home decor, is cute as a button, laughs a lot and laughs fully, wears sassy shoes, makes weary travelers feel welcome, plays an excellent crotchety old clementine, and smells terrific. i truly enjoyed my time in the carolina mountains.

  2. JaAG March 24, 2008 at 5:09 pm #

    I\’ve met people from the virtual world in real life. It\’s kinda discombobulating. No one is like they seem in your mind\’s eye, especially when that\’s the only way you\’ve ever seen them. (I did a spell check and it accepted my spelling of the big word above. Sometimes I get lucky. ;o) It seems that upon one meeting, you don\’t gain enough perspective and go back rather easily to what you thought the person was like upon your return to the world that is the Internet. Strange. But then, it might not be the same for women. Friday eh. Break a leg!

  3. Michiko's March 24, 2008 at 5:53 pm #

    I wish all best for your OPENING NIGHT ON FRIDAY, "AUDIENCE" I\’ve told you before that just thinking as pumpkins face…….
    Do you best that all you can do it ….then you might be continuouslly acting on the show:-)
    Big Hugs,

  4. Cynical March 25, 2008 at 5:50 am #

    Another Dead Cow? 
    Peace, Doc

  5. Linda March 25, 2008 at 10:03 am #

    Wow, wish I could watch.  Break a leg!! 

  6. Barb March 26, 2008 at 9:59 am #

    Oh joy I just deleted my profound comment..sigh
    I am delighted you finally got to meet Patressa!!!!
    I miss her writing she always had so many wonderful
    stories. I am not surprised for a moment you both had
    so much fun together somehow I knew you would should
    you ever had the chance to meet..
    Well guess the play is now down to the wire..
    Break a leg (not your neck lol) Have a grand time
    Can hardly wait to hear how it all goes..
    Sending happy thoughts

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