Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. Read all about it….

27 Mar
Thought for the day: There are more chickens than people in the world. Huhn. How do they know these things? And who are the "they" that we always say "they" about? ("See there? More chickens than peoples…so I can wrang they’s necks and eat them for supper all I want to and they’s won’t be missed. Huh.")
My new usb port is on its way from Dell and soon I will be back to laptop heaven. Last night went great–except for the first time I forgot to say "I’ll bet that’s one powerful critter!" there was a complete silence and to my horror I realized it was my turn …EEEK! Luckily no audience – and for every mistake I make once, I obssess about it enough that I won’t make it again. And, no one was mad at me, no one said "you suck!" – they all said, just move on. One further error was I didn’t stay in character when I make the mistake, but put my head in my hands in embarrassment…nono…always in character, even if make a mistake!
Tonight we have a "test" audience! Dr. Hightower’s office is coming – he made Bat Boy’s teeth.
I’m putting links so if you want you can read in the Smoky Mountain News about Bat Boy – there are photos to scroll through too, just click on them and then click "next" — Clementine is in one of them during the revivial scene. ("Oh! I’m on that there inner-net! Dang! Ohh, I’m soooo exciterated! My pic-ture is on there for all to see. I hope Miz Kathryn didn’t mess up my hair ….huh.") LINK andLINK  or HERE  There was a good article in The Guide – with an "investigative story" by local writer Angela Dove – and Clementine was quoted several times ("Oh! I am? Ohhhh! Glory be…What’d I say? I just open my mouth and out the words fly…pop pop poppity…")
Also, I’ve put up a couple more photos of some of the cast and me before customes…hope to have more later. Yes, my silly goofy face is up there for all to see without touchup or artiface or photoshop — tee hee…just a big arse goofy grin on my tiny head.

Theater word(s) of the day: Proscenium    

The traditional picture frame type of stage, usually with a curtain.


Proscenium Arch

The actual opening of a proscenium stage.


2 Responses to “Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. Read all about it….”

  1. Barb March 27, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    Wow the pictures are terrific Kat.. sounds like your getting the final touches
    on everything ..yippie And tonight should help with the butterflies
    in the belly:)
    I am racing to catch up with everyone but had to stop by and
    Wish you the best..
    Just BE
    PS Why are you looking so much younger? Does theater do that cause I am gonna sign me up!!:)

  2. Cynical March 28, 2008 at 2:39 am #

    Huh.  While Barb is racing to catch up with everyone, I\’m becoming concerned about the content of the play.  "… a few racy scenes make this musical not so suitable for younger audiences…"  I\’m almost certain that this would have nothing to do with Miz Clementine, your earlier mention of "a special garment," or the recently blogged about costume change difficulties.  Or would it!?  Lecherous minds want to know.
    Peace, Doc

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