Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. Opening Night Tonight!

28 Mar

Thought for the day: In ancient Egypt, priests plucked every hair from their bodies, including their eyebrows and eyelashes. Good lord! I have trouble keeping up with plucking my stray eyebrows and shaving my legs, etc. Huhn. Sometimes I think about the Egyptians and how people go in and plunder their tombs and I think how if someone came and rummaged around in great great granny’s grave to study up on her, how everybody’d be all up in airs or in arms and cries of indignation. Does time allow for desecration? Time, space, and want for knowledge of ‘history’? Well, I’m going to be cremated, but if I were buried, I’d not care if someone dug me up; at least I wouldn’t be stuck underground for eternity in a box – eyewwwwww.


OPENING NIGHT IS TONIGHT! I finally am using the theater definition I have looked at for weeks—Break a Leg. I am so exited….yes, I really am. I want to feel the energy and the excitement, and I can see why actors, directors, et al, love this business. To hear the audience react, well, it makes all the work worthwhile. It makes one feel loved. Writers don’t get this immediate satisfaction—most times we don’t know who is reading our stuff and how they feel (but we love to hear from readers, least many of us do—so email writers, tell them how you felt about something you read; we really do love to hear from you, at least I do.)


Last night we had our “test audience” and my stomach churned around, but, once we got started, the terror went away, then finally the nervousness went away and I just let Clementine take over (“She did, bless her lil’ heart. I even did my jig, I did…hehehe…”)


To hear the clapping and laughing – it was wonderful! Audiences are so important, and your reactions are integral to our energy. During rehearsals, we look to our director, “How did we do?” and he tells us. During performance, we look to the director afterward, yes, but during the actual performance we listen to the audience—listen for your love! Remember that when you go to theater—remember all the hard hard work and time and love actors and directors and staff go through just to hear you sigh or laugh and then to applaud!


In answer to Doc’s question about wardrobe malfunctions and functions *laughing* – Clementine and I are modest to the end, except for last night when Beth wasn’t there and I had to be unzipped in the wings and then run back holding my dress up to get to the dressing room to change into my Bat Dress, then, after my SCREAM I had to change back to Clementine, run back to Sherry our Stage Manager while holding up my dress top and letting her zip me back up. *whew* And since I’ve added something under my dress, there’s not the concern that the audience can see Clementine’s drawers when she sits most unlady like and when she does her jig and when…etc…haw haw (“Huh. I sits like I sits that makes me comfrotroble. I done care what all any body have to say. ‘Sides, keeps it aired out down there when ye keeps ye legs opened up. Do you want things all stale down there? All trapped up? Huh. My momma tol’ me to keep the air circalatering down there so’s I stay fresh and airy. All that crossing the legs just cuts off circalation and keeps it all closed up-tha’s nasty.”)


And to Barb—younger looking? Haw! Now, if I could quit grinning so hard so that my neck cords don’t stand out with the effort – look like a lizard *laughing* And my forehead butt—that’s what my brother so brotherly called that line between my forehead that if I were into botox I’d sure get that botoxed—forehead butt…thanks Johnny! But, yoga and pilates and Flexitarianism and good mountain air will keep you sorta youngish… (“Now, whachoo worrying over lines and such—we’s earned them lines! We’s lived our lives and made faces to make them lines. Worry lines, laughing lines, crying lines, loving lines—they’s all the stories of our lives on our faces…”) Why Clementine, I believe you are getting philosophical and poetic on us! “You finally talking to me again out in the open air? Huh. You been ignorating me for days upon days. I was getting my feelings in a uproar.”


Well, Clementine, I have to say I am glad we have met. You are something else and I’m proud to be playing you on the stage.


“Wale, thankee Miz Kathryn. Hehehe. You is fun to be inside of, if a mite scary sometime. That head of yourn is filled with all manner of …of…stuff. I been poking round and studying up and trying to figure it all out.”


Don’t try too hard, you may uncover things you’d rather not see.


“Oh, done worry. I been in some them mem’ries and I runned oft the other way, I did! Wheee-ooo you got some things in there that give me the heebly jeeblys. Some them nightmares you done had that langers on in you brain, and that time that…that time…wale, I bes’ leave that be.”


Yes…leave it all be, Clementine. Leave it be. I guess tonight is it! Opening Night, Clementine! Are you ready?

“Huh! Is YOU ready, Miz kathryn. You driving the ship, I just be setting there waiting for it.”


Yeah, right, Clementine. You are a force to be reckoned with, I can tell you.


“Hehehe. Wale. I know you all done good good good las’ night, and tonight for that opener night, y’all gone do us all proud-the whole town, specially since we all was so shamed by what happen. Shame shame on us. Took us a long long time to get over all that tragical. We larned our lessons, we did. Should another Bat Boy come round, wale, I’ll be having it to supper! I’ll wrang up my bestest chicken’s neck—Rosie Lou—she’s plump and gone be juicy, I tell you. Been saving her for special o-casion. Been feeding her special too. Maybe I wrang her neck tonight and have some Bar be qued.”


BBQ…well….more on that later. Go to go.


“Aw. Already?”


Yes. Already. I have things to do.  Goodbye Clementine. See you tonight for OPENING NIGHT! OPENING NIGHT OPENING NIGHT OPENTING NIGHT! IT’s FINALLY HERE—OPENING NIGHT!


“Wheee-haw! DANG but I can’t wait.”


Say goodbye Clementine.


“Goodbye Clementine. Hehehe.”



Theater word of the DAY! Finally here: Break A Leg. There are so many definitions, here is a link: BREAK A LEG.



8 Responses to “Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. Opening Night Tonight!”

  1. Cynical March 28, 2008 at 11:14 am #

    Even after reading the definitions, "Break a leg" sounds a little too violent.  Therefore, I wish that you and Miz Clementine should both stub your right great toes.  Badly.  Zat good enough?Peace, Doc

  2. JaAG March 28, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

    IE strives to deny me the opportunity to leave a comment on your opening night blog so I thwarted it by opening the page in FoxFire (my backup browser). Luv the new pictures and might even recognize you if I saw you on the street. You look much more like a Hollywood type than I would have expected from your prose. Y\’all kick butt now, y\’hear?  :o)Suzy and I will be listening to some friends in the pit orchestra doing the music to Urinetown. Icky title I know but this SciFi play is supposed to be all about the humor. Hope it is half as good as your production sounds. Cheers!

  3. P March 28, 2008 at 7:13 pm #

    So exciting!
    Anxious to hear your impressions of the big night!

  4. Michiko's March 28, 2008 at 11:45 pm #

    Thank you for suggested us to look at the BREAK A LEG the NO2 is well explained, 
    All the best for you, no mistaks….
    I thinking of you,

  5. Jorge March 29, 2008 at 4:28 pm #

    This SO WONDEFUL! I\’m sure you and Clementine knocked them dead.
    I hope you\’re enjoying this weekend. I\’m looking forward to some R&R, but will be back here on my return. Be well,

  6. Cynical March 30, 2008 at 1:40 am #

    Write anything STAT.  We need to know that you lived through the opening!Peace, Doc

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