Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. It’s Over. Done. Dang…

7 Apr

Thought for the day: Why are writers so sad and lonely and self-absorbed? Ask one and if they tell the truth, you will hear the truth. If they tell a lie, it will sound like truth.


Well. It’s over. Yesterday was our final performance. Now that it’s over, it seems as if it flew by. That’s because it did, really; I mean, once we began performances, it went by in a blur. I am quite, surprisingly, achingly sad that it is over. Oh, a part of me is a bit relieved, because I have so much work to do: my writing, my Rose & Thorn work, a writer’s novel to edit, work on my novel “The Sad Surreal World of Kathryn”—which actually came from some blog posts I wrote here a while back. I have to edit my “Affliction of Sweetie novel,” and take a look at the second Virginia Kate novel, and I should be querying for the first completed Virginia Kate novel. Blah blah blah.


And as I write all I need to do for my writing and editing life, I look forward to it, sure I do, but a part of me is a bit tired at the thought. For being in the play was such an energetic, rewarding experience, yes, but beyond that, I came to know some wonderful people—talented, gifted, beautiful, unique—who took me among them and made me feel welcome. I feel as if I’m tearing up here…well, DANG! I’m not a boo-hoo’er, but I feel a bit bereft. I was putting up the new music – it is the finale song – and as I was checking to make sure it played, I looked through the photos, and it made me feel nostalgic already. Huhn. I do want the ear-worm to go away, so I’ve put up the music cd, and soon I will delete the Bat Boy music from this blog, and soon all the BB music will fade away from my brain, too.


Friday night’s audience was scant and not as lively—it was the only “scant” audience we had, as the show sold really well for the rest of the performances! Funny how when the audience isn’t as lively, the actors don’t feel the energy as much. And, as well, they taped the show that Friday night, so I don’t think it was our “best” performance, energy wise and all, and there was some lighting problems, but it was still good. However, Saturday’s audience was GREAT—yes, all those cap letters great. They laughed, applauded, made noise, and were so involved; we loved it. And, Sunday’s audience, the final performance, was great as well—so, very nice that our last two audiences made us feel wonderful and loved and the energy! Opening Night was the only other night I felt Magic…opening night and this past Saturday night were my favorites. Our last performance and I have to laugh – Mark said it was funny because the last show and when we did the opening number, our "Thriller" nod, I was doing the opposite moves of everyone else…*laughing* – I didn’t even realize it, and in fact, was thinking, By Gawd, I think this is the best one I’ve done yet – haw! maybe so, except I was doing it opposite…haw haw…! and instead of going "Oh NO! waah" I just laughed-it is funny, and it didn’t matter.


I have to say right here and now: Please please support your local theaters. Go to the shows, applaud, laugh, make some noise. Show your love, and then just as important, go backstage after the show is over and greet the actors…they love it, they need it, they so look forward to that–remember that and show your support.


My sis in law (Good Man Roger’s sister) flew in from Houston just for the show and I thought that was the sweetest thing anyone could do for me—she and GMR were in the audience that GREAT audience Saturday night, too. We had our cast party last night after Strike. But, before that, after Striking the set, we all signed the brick. My first brick – there is a wall off stage were every Hart Performance has a painted brick of that show and all the actors sign it with their names and the name of their character, so Kat and Clementine are now immortalized on brick.


I am going to go back and read my beginning posts of this experience so I can remember the terror and dis-ease and worry and angst I felt, so I can compare it with now, with this feeling that I accomplished something that I’ve never done and thought I wasn’t going to be able to do. And, the feeling that I really did belong, and that I really was wanted, and that people really did like me being there. I will never forget this experience. I am glad glad glad I did it, glad I didn’t chicken out. I am glad that I Enjoyed it for All It Was Worth. Once the play began, I didn’t hold back, I let Clementine take over—and she was fun, she was lively, she was a big ass ham…and she will return. She’s here, oh yes, right now, over my right shoulder, watching me as I type this, but, in most-un-Clementine fashion, she is being silent (Miz Kathryn, I am, ain’t I? I am being silernt. Hehehe…for now). She has more to say, but instead of showing it on the stage; she will be telling me so I can show it in words.


Yep. It’s done. It’s over. The finale music is playing. The set is gone. The stage is empty (for now) – its echo echo echo of all of our voices still hanging ghostly in the air. The dressing room stripped of all of our laughter and costumes and wigs and makeup.


I will always be grateful to Mark Jones for asking me to be a part of this experience. I hope he is glad for his choice—he has told me he is. Last night, he gave us these beautiful handkerchiefs embroidered with Bat Boy The Musical 2008, and a Bat –red kerchief and black lettering– I just love it—a memento from our director. We also each received a Bat Boy t-shirt…and I will wear mine with pride. (and I just read his note…*smiling* – he said, "I told you so…." (meaning, I told you that you could do this!) and  that I am now an actor!…and he wants to see me back on stage…*smiling smiling smiling*)


So, it’s the end. No more rehearsals. No more "Oh, crap I messed up!" no more "Hey I did it!" No more camaraderie. No more laughing loudly and raucously. No more applause. No more singing and dancing (except around my little log house as I do). I won’t say no more Clementine (“No’m! Donchoo say that! I’m still ‘round for a spell.”). No more lovely voices surrounding me. No more hugs of encouragement. No more DANG! Back to my reclusive writer’s/editor’s life.


Someone took photos of one of the performances, so I will have new photos up – ones that show us actually acting on stage, so that will be fun. I’ve not seen them yet. I ordered a dvd of the play—even if it was on an “off night,” I am curious to see it. If there is a way to load it and link it here for you all to see, I will do that.


I hope you’ll all read the post below about all the actors and crew…


Guess that’s it.


Last Theater Word of the Day: STRIKE…when the actors and crew take down the set and clean everything up…bathrooms and dressing rooms and everything. It’s a sad thing to see the set come down. Then we sign the brick. Then the cast party. Then…then…


One Minute to places! Thank you, One Minute…


Thank you all for reading and for all of YOUR encouragement and support. Thanks for coming along for the Ride. What a ride, what a fun fun ride. I surprised myself. I did it. By gawdamned I did it. Haw.




Lights Out.


Curtains closed.


6 Responses to “Bat Boy the Musical: A Diary. It’s Over. Done. Dang…”

  1. JaAG April 7, 2008 at 12:27 pm #

    The experience seems to go so fast but keeps giving for years. Thanks for sharing your insights. What\’s next?

  2. Stephen Craig April 7, 2008 at 1:10 pm #

    Dear Kathryn,  I wish you couold have seen my smile as I read this post.  Smile!  May every day be a bit of an adventure of discovery and creativity.
    I must get out to enjoy this glorious spring day.
    As ever be well.
    Stephen Craig Rowe

  3. Cynical April 7, 2008 at 8:09 pm #

    Congratulations to both of you.  I do hope that we will hear more from Miz Clementine from time to time.  Maybe she could sit in as a guest-blogger?
    Peace, Doc

  4. Rambling April 8, 2008 at 6:34 pm #

    I imagine it is rather like having a child and not getting to keep the baby.  After all that time and effort you (and others) put in…it is finished.  But I will wager you will find another thing equally exciting. 

  5. Linda April 9, 2008 at 5:18 pm #

    Yeah, it hit my granddaughter Ryan like that after her big Annie production.  She was Annie at age 11.  If you care to, I believe I still have an album at my space with pictures.  She was a great Annie.  It ran 7 days in all.  I bet you were wonderful!  Congratulations….

  6. P April 10, 2008 at 9:56 am #

    *sigh* it\’s over. but aren\’t you taking some nice souvenirs with you! clementine. echoing applause. belonging. acceptance. red kerchiefs. :) these are delicious treats. i\’m glad this was such a rewarding experience for you and for clementine.
    and i like your thought of the day.

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