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23 May
Oh, but I am not on my magical mountain…there, on my magical mountain Good Man Roger is with Fat Dog and Not Quite Fat Dog holding down the Mountain Fort, keeping the birds and squirrels and Coons fed with seed, feeling the wind, hearing the rushing creek– perhaps he is eating poor piggies – like bacon and sausage — maybe he is having a bacon and sausage party while I am away – ha! Well, what I do not know does not make me go, "Awwww, poor piggies! *sob*"
And where am I? Well, I took a tiny little airplane from Knoxville TN (Hi You in Knoxville, I said as I waved) to Houston airport, where I was then whisked or is that wisked? away by my sister in law. I am in the flatlands of Texas. Yesterday, we visited Galveston and a boardwalk in a city with a K that suddenly the name escapes me, but minutes from Galveston. We visited Moody Gardens in Galveston and rode the paddle boat..wheeee. We walked the boardwalk in Ka??? and ate at Babins and had a big ice cream cone. Today will be more fun in Texas – where everyone is very proud of their state – I have family in Dallas/Ft Worth area, so this I already knew – but Texans are very proud to be Texans, and it is a beautiful thing here to see, that pride! The lone star of Texas is everywhere. This part of Texas I am now in reminds me of Louisiana, whereas Dallas Ft Worth does not. I will write more about that later.
I have another destination after this, in another State in another city – I will write about that too, and later, provide photos of my visits/experiences.
So, off I go – to visit Texas Proud people and Texas Proud lands…I will be back — don’t forget me.

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  1. Cynical May 24, 2008 at 7:26 pm #

    Glad you\’re having a good time in K … .  And yes, Texas is a pretty good state.  It is the only state that became part of the United States by treaty rather than by annexation.  Except for one of its ex-governors and his cohorts.  And a book depository in Dallas.  And a few lies about the Alamo.  And … never mind.  Geez.  It isn\’t even dark and my mind has begun its journey toward strangeness.Peace, Doc

  2. Connie June 10, 2008 at 12:16 am #

    I am sure I saw you waving to me as you flew over my town. 

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