Pen To Press! Back on My Mountain, and so is the shadow man?

6 Jun

Ahhhhhh. What travels! What interesting things I have seen, heard, tasted, smelled. I can’t wait to relay them when I have a moment. For now, a quick hello.


After Houston, I touched base in Baton Rouge where I was for less than an hour, transferred my luggage, said hello to friends’ spouses, petted Darla the beautiful old Boston Terrier, then off Angie and Mary Ann Ledbetter – two gifted writers – and I went to the great and strange city of New Orleans.


In New Orleans- which will be a post all its own once I get caught up here with things I have to do, work, for I have things to talk about concerning New Orleans – we attended the PEN TO PRESS WRITERS’ RETREAT, which should have been (as Angie put it) “Writers’ Boot Camp,” haw. I have to compliment PEN TO PRESS profusely when I have time, because out of all the writers’ conferences I have ever attended, this one had the most bang for my buck, to use a cliché. I will write more on Pen to Press, for when it comes back around the year after next, I would urge anyone who is serious about their writing, and you must be serious for them to consider you (beyond the fact it isn’t cheap and I had to sell many words and do some editing to pay for it!) to check this conference out before word gets around and it becomes too popular to get in. Deb LeBlanc is a genius, yes, but, beyond that she really has a sincere desire to help writers’ careers. More on that and New Orleans later.


For now, I am home and as I said, I have some things to do, for at the conference there were some contacts made (as I wished for and asked y’all to put out to the universe and thank you if you did – *muwah*). Now, I won’t go into detail right now, because I have to get busy, and because I don’t want to jinx it; and frankly, if nothing comes of the contacts, then I have to come here and say, “Oh well…” then again, that is what this blog is always supposed to be about, isn’t it? Well then, I will explain later what happened at Pen to Press. I can say that I was put in the “Literary Writer” category and that is both a blessing and a curse—the curse comes from how difficult it is for “Literary Writers” to get published. I was told some things about my writing that made me blush and smile and shuffle my feet and go “aw gee, shucks” and made me beam with pleasure and made me feel all googly goo and happy. More more more later!


Thank you for all your comments- I love them! And I read them, and the emails you send, even if I get swirly-worlded and can’t visit or respond (although I do try to always respond to emails and if I haven’t, it isn’t because I am ignoring, that I can promise!) The pedicure stories, etc *laughing and smiling* (my feet still look great!) Once I get my work done, caught up, I will come visiting to thank you all for visiting. I hope you understand it’s only the work, the writing, that keeps me from your sites…*smiling at you*


Oh! And I have to tell you – I think my shadow man came to me last night. He/It must have been waiting for me to spend a night on the couch, which I rarely do. I couldn’t sleep last night, and so, for the first time in a long time, I rose from my bed and lay on the couch. The creek lulled me, the wind whispered, and a cool breeze softened my breath – and I fell asleep on the couch. Something woke me…and I opened my eyes to a night so very dark – darker than when I fell asleep, and I tried to focus on what awoke me, but I couldn’t focus…however, I felt sure “something or someone” had been there and had awoken me. Who knows, huh?


Now, I have to get busy. I am outside on my porch with my laptop and the trees are waving in the breeze – it is 80 degrees and we are having a “heat wave” but I am not sweating or hot – the mountain humidity is low. It is as if I am in a tree house, up I am in my little log house.


Namaste. I’ll be back. Don’t forget me.


6 Responses to “Pen To Press! Back on My Mountain, and so is the shadow man?”

  1. Pamela June 6, 2008 at 3:33 pm #

    Welcome back!! Missed your blogs. I`m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. JaAG June 6, 2008 at 6:15 pm #

    Did you meet Cat Rambo there? :o)

  3. caroline June 7, 2008 at 12:28 am #

    Welcome back. I\’m glad the conference was such a good one. The shadow man must have been glad you were back as well. I think he wants you to write a story about him.

  4. P June 7, 2008 at 8:54 am #

    i feel a light breeze all through this post. and you are on your porch with your laptop. and you have such a nice porch. and such a magical tree house. i am in my red chair, and it smells like cat pee (ever since it got marked last year, it smells in the heat). so so glad you had such a great experience at pen and press! can\’t wait to hear more. and to hear more about this contact that has you stifling your excitment. woooo!

  5. Jorge June 7, 2008 at 7:26 pm #

    Sounds all so exciting! I\’m glad you had a good trip, and I look forward, as always, to read about your experiences and reactions. Until then, be well,

  6. Cynical June 8, 2008 at 1:39 am #

    I\’m not sure how much good it did, but I told The Boys about your conference.  They "discussed" it until Stinky was on top of Bittle, licking and grooming his head.  Maybe it was Bittle who dropped by during the night to find out what it all meant.  So glad you had a positive experience in the Big Easy.Peace, Doc

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