It couldn’t happen….could it? Huhn. Airline Fees Gone Mad!

30 Jun

Possible Airline Scene:
Airline Person: "Ma’am, that will be $15 for you bag, plus an extra $25.00 because you went over the weight limit on your bag."
Passenger:  "Wait just a minute here. I personally weight 95 pounds, but that guy over there weighs at least 250. So, why should I have to pay for my bag? My total weight, bag and all, is less than his total body weight! It’s not fair…It should be based on TOTAL weight."
Hmmmmmmm…..Total weight based on bags and body weight….hmmmmmm

Hmmmm…..What if they begin to make the passengers weigh? I mean, I weigh about 121 and let’s say the person next to me weighs 150 and the person next to them weighs 200. Oh oh! Two-hundred is over the limit! Anything over 150 pounds is a per pound charge! So, the 200 pound person has to pay a dollar a pound: $50 extra. They have weight machines as you enter. You step up, and the weight is announced just as it used to be in gym class (I wonder if they still do that? Holler out your weight – remember that? erk). So, if you have a bag or bags to check, that’s a fee, then if you are over the 150 pound a person limit, there is a per pound fee, then if you want something to drink–fee! and if you…oh oh, I just thought of another! Coin operated bathrooms. Of course, I avoid the bathroom unless I’m going to bust…but, if I’m going to bust, I must first slip in a dollar in coins–unless they conveniently provide a dollar-changer, bless them. Want a window seat? Extra. Want a germ-and-critter-infested pillow or blanket. CHARRRRGGEE! 
We may laugh but….think about the stuff we would have laughed about before….haw haw.
PS – which reminds me – the reason I thought of al this when I wrote it is because I will soon be flying somewhere "NorthWest" to visit my son- I hate flying, but it gets me where I need to go quickly. I bought my tickets months back, before things were as bad. I will come back from my trip with flying tales, and trip tales, and photos. That is, when I take the trip, which is in the near future. My brother and I are traveling together – ain’t that sweet?

3 Responses to “It couldn’t happen….could it? Huhn. Airline Fees Gone Mad!”

  1. P June 30, 2008 at 8:10 am #

    oh no.
    well, i guess that would be one way to handle the Fat America epidemic. people would start crash dieting before their trips.

  2. Patricia June 30, 2008 at 11:21 am #

    fee per pound huh?…guess I\’ll be staying home…

  3. Cynical June 30, 2008 at 11:22 am #

    First off, P, I believe it might be a little worrisome to some passengers to hear "crash" diets and air trips mentioned in the same sentence.  And as for the change for the onboard facilities, you would probably be charged an overweight coin fee when boarding if you thought ahead and planned for necessities.  Actually, the premise of paying by the pound makes a great deal of sense.  Airplanes don\’t know or care what is loading them down, they just have to use the fuel to get it from here to there, and that has a whole lot to do with the tremendous increase in airfares.  You may notice that my depression is lifting a bit, but the hugs would be welcome anytime.  Have a great week, Kathryn.Peace, Doc

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