Clementine, Nova ScienceNow, Golden Girls, Travel – oh! what a life!

1 Jul
This morning, the song, "Oh my darlin’ Clementine…" ran round and round in my head. I think this is a hint from Clementine that I must get back to work on her. I have two completed novels that I feel good about where they are now, and I’d hoped to work on "The Sad Surreal World of Kathryn" (it’s both fiction and nonfiction swirled around and the idea for it came right from something I wrote right onto this Blog!…same as Clementine did). Clementine is impatient, acting as if I don’t have a thing to do in this world but listen to her stories – but, then again, I am really curious, anxious, to hear those stories. Perhaps the surreal novel can wait longer? Or perhaps I can work on both of them–Clementine right onto the blog as I’ve been doing, and the sad surreal world novel as I usually write (alone). I can do it.
I have a trip coming up (and yes, I made fun of the airlines just a tad below – but dang, what would we do if we could not fly? We’ve become spoiled and used to it – I guess they know this, huh? – but, even though I detest flying and won’t do it unless I absolutely have to, I know it has it’s place settled firmly in Society’s Expectations.). Goodman Roger will be staying in the little log house watching over my mountain. My brother and I will do some rock hunting – yes, Rock Hunting. I am a rock fanatic, and fossils, and this and that and the other. And I’ll finally meet my son’s girlfriend and his family.
Nova scienceNow with the handsome and intelligent wonderful Neil Degrasse Tyson is back on. I’m salivating! Tyson has this wonder, this amazement, this awe mixed with humor and respect, that appeals to me I think because I feel the way he speaks. I’ve been waiting for Nova scienceNow since last summer. The History Channel had an "Origins of Life" segment that was great, too, but it repeated much of what was on Nova SN. Who cares, though? I’ll watch it again and again. The origins of life, big bang, black holes, dark mass–all of this gets me glued to the television in ways many things will not. Although, I admit to a Golden Girls obsession – gotta love those Golden Girls every afternoon at 4:00. 
Since my trip is soon coming, I will be doing fun things — I guess it will be a vacation? wow! one of those — but I will have my laptop with me and hope to check in…Hey…I have an idea – maybe I can post things about where I am and see if anyone can guess where I am – wait, hasn’t that been done, like Where in the World is Matt Laurererer or something? Ah well – maybe I’ll do it anyway, if I can get good wireless access that doesn’t cost a fortune.
I had another photograph published, in the summer issue of OCEAN magazine. And as well, a piece accepted there for fall. I adore this publication, and not just because the editor/publisher happens to like my writing and photography (laugh) but because of Diane Bucheri’s love of what she does, and love and respect of the Ocean. She’s getting ready to do some different things with the publication- something readers can do online…can’t wait to see how it all works out. And I’m all a blither for when my story comes in the mail this month from Lunch Hour Stories – wheee!
Later Gators.Life is good when you don’ t overthink it. Namaste

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  1. JaAG July 1, 2008 at 8:19 pm #

    I\’ve been really into the Planet Green station with shows like \’Renovation Nation\’ and such. I\’m learning a lot–maybe I\’ll buy a wind generator and sell energy back to the grid!  :o)

  2. peter July 4, 2008 at 8:35 am #

    II though living on the mountain was the vacation and visiting the rest og the world was being forced to go back home LOL
    Have a Happy Fourth Of July

  3. P July 4, 2008 at 9:32 am #

    have fun on your trip! (and meeting son\’s g-friend. yow!) and my yes, holy cow. OCEAN has really devoured you, huh? see how you stick?
    that last line is awesome. :)

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