Lavender – ahhhhh, and a sly moon rising

5 Jul
Along the riverfront there were fireworks, and I could hear them from my hotel last ngiht. I saw few spray-sprinkle-sparkes round up over the tops of the buildings. The moon was a fingernail, a sliver, a side-way’s slit of a grin. Yesterday, we walked downtown – I bought the most wonderful jam, now if I can remember the type of berry, that would be a wonderful hint. (and no, not Georgia, Gandalfe!)
Lavender must be a local flower – I bought a group of lavenders yesterday, gave some to someone, and some to another, and kept a few sprigs for myself. One sprig I wrapped around the tip I left for the room cleaners.
So, I guess that’s all my hints…the waterfront fireworks, the lavender. Later , I’ll find the name of the berry jam and use that as a hint.
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