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15 Jul

I am back on my mountain, returning late last night…from Portland, Oregon! I stayed downtown. We ended the trip with a side-trip to the coast, where we stayed a couple of days. I have many photos of all kinds of things that I will be posting in the next few days.
There is much to do and I will do it…sooner or later…today, however, I have that strange disoriented feeling one can get when one has been away from home for almost two weeks – this on top of the trips from a month ago. I am tripped out. I walk about the log house with a dazed look, touching things.
I have one thing to quickly tell. Everytime I’m out of town, I come home and something has been done here – it may be a very small thing like a vase of flowers, or a bigger thing like painted walls that we’d talked about and not yet done. This time, I came home and I laughed and laughed. Before I left, I’d said how I wanted to be made into a cartoon, then I said, "I want to be made into one of those M&M candy things they’re doing…" don’t ask me to explain why, because there is no explaining my zaniness. So, I come home and guess what? Good Man Roger has painted me as an M&M! Haw! Isn’t that the coolest sweetest thing? And he has my M&M likeness holding a novel – and the novel is my Virginia Kate novel! Now, that is dang cool.
My brother Tommy gave me Stephen King’s latest book "Duma Key." I took it with trepidation because I didn’t care as much for SK last few books. I hated that I didn’t care for them because SK is the master at character development. He makes me CARE about his characters – one of the best compliments I ever received was being compared to SK in my character development and the way "I draw people into my story." I don’t read horror or thriller much unless it is a friend’s novel (like Deborah Leblanc or Alex Sokoloff), but I will pick up a Stephen King novel just because of his brilliance with the language, the characters, etc. So, I began reading DUMA KEY – and, I am so relieved and happy that I am liking it very much so far. The first chapter or two I was a bit restless, but I get that way with many many books – I have to get into the rhythm of the writing and not think of "editing stuff" – once I do that, I’m off (unless I just am not going to like the book at all). It’s a big book – and I envy Stephen King for it. Right now, I am envying any published novel writer – I can’t help it. I am both pleased it is happening to them and envious of it. I want it. I want it and I’m somehow going to get it. I am. One way or the other.
Thanks for your comments – they are always read and always appreciated. I will be by to visit as soon as I can get caught up with about 200 emails and a few editing things and getting the cotton clouds out of my head.
And, The summer issue of The Rose & Thorn is now out! And in fact, they have re-published two of my pieces — both were originally pub’d in WNC Woman Magazine: "Three Abundance" (I won first place in a short story contest with that one), and an essay "Golden Sparkled Dancer’s Cap. You can click on: Rose & Thorn Contents Page
And remember: Life ain’t so bad if you let some things go…and hold some things close…and remember that there will always be things you have no control over, so the things you do have control over, make it happen…the rest will work itself out in it’s own time. Namaste.


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  1. Georgia July 16, 2008 at 9:01 am #

       I am reading Duma Key also, and loving it. I felt like I was reading about myself in your last post. My husband reads a lot of SK, but I do not because of the horror part. I can so relate to this book, and so many aspects of it. Many moons ago, I lived in Eugene, Oregon. The coastline there takes your breath away. So rugged, natural and untouched. Can\’t wait to see your pictures. As far as the envy part. My take is if you get that feeling, as I do also, it is because you can see yourself, book done, book on the market. YOu can envision every aspect of it. I think it means as a writer you are on the right course for your life. I know you are busy, but do you have any wise words about being torn between freelance,(earning some money), and noveling time,( true passion)?
    Thank you, Georgia

  2. caroline July 17, 2008 at 11:44 am #

    Welcome back!! I do think you\’re splitting hairs. I said Eugene, OR and it was Portland, OR. Give me a break!
    I would like to recommend a book that is emminently (sp) readable: clever, humorous, and with wonderful character development. Probably unlike anything you\’ve ever read before. The book is  Enchiladas, Rice, and Beans by Daniel Reveles. No, it\’s not a cookbook. He\’s written several books in and about the same locale, but this is his best. It\’s a fast read; a series of short stories, each complete in itself but with interacting characters from story to story.   
    Your husband sounds like a doll. Are you going to put the M&M character as your profile picture?
    Cheers, Caroline

  3. JaAG July 18, 2008 at 10:37 am #

    Portland, OR! You were so close to casa du glassa! The food pics are there on my blog, just a week earlier. The \’southern\’ tea is so huge it took hands to pick it up! :o)

  4. P July 18, 2008 at 11:04 am #

    oh my lord. i am imagining you asking to be made into an m&m cartoon character — and finally i have your face, your voice, and your mannerisms correct — and it is making me laugh and laugh. roger is awesome. and makes delicious jumbalaya. you are my favorite north carolinians.
    duma key. i keep touching that book at the bookstore, but have never given stephen king a chance. maybe i should. it\’s even 35% off right now.

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