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21 Jul
I am a new member of Backspace and am quite impressed with this forum. Their conference is coming up and I’m disappointed I won’t be able to go – mainly because I just returned from Pen to Press Conference and then Portland, Oregon and simply cannot swing it…*sigh…Ah, to be in New York! I’ve never been. And the conference sounds grand and worth every penny. If you are looking for a good writer’s conference,  here’s one to check out.
The 2008 Backspace Writers Conference (August 7 & 8, Radisson Martinique, New York City) brings together literary agents, acquisitions editors, best-selling authors, and publishing professionals for a two-day, two-track program of workshops, panels, and networking in the heart of the publishing world.

In addition to keynote talks by Mark Tavani, a senior editor at Random House, and John Searles, bestselling author and books editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, program highlights include a conversation with Simon Lipskar and Mark Tavani on agents and editors working together, a marketing discussion by M.J. Rose, a workshop from independent editor Jerry Gross on finding and working with a reputable book doctor, a role-playing workshop from Jeff Kleinman: “Buy This Book!”, agent and editor panel discussions, and panels on the young adult market, short stories, memoir, nonfiction, crime fiction, erotica, children’s picture books, and more.

Attendance is limited to 200. $355 for Backspace members; $395 for non-members. In addition, Mystery Writers of America is offering their members a special discount. Register Now and come meet the people who can make a difference in your career!

Literary Agents: Richard Curtis, Simon Lipskar, Jeff Kleinman, Emmanuelle Alspaugh, Paige Wheeler, Laney Katz Becker, Jenny Bent, Maya Rock, Michael Bourret, Scott Hoffman, Ronnie Gramazio, Elisabeth Weed, Stephany Evans

Authors: M.J. Rose, Harry Hunsicker, Jason Pinter, Jackie Kessler, Heather Brewer, Gail Konop Baker, Laurel Corona, Lisa McMann, Jenny Gardiner, Danielle Younge-Ullman, Claudia Gray, Marlys Pearson, Jessica Keener, Elizabeth Letts, A.S. King, Robin Slick, Susan Henderson, Pam Jenoff, Trish Ryan, Leora Skolkin-Smith, Caroline Leavitt, Reed Farrel Coleman, Chris Grabenstein, William Powers

Editors and Other Publishing Professionals: Hilary Rubin Teeman (editor, St. Martin’s), Charis Conn (contributing editor, Harper’s Magazine), Kristen Weber (senior editor, New American Library), Bella Stander, Jerry Gross, Lauren Cerand, Eileen Winnick

We’ve had some wonderful last-minute additions to the program: Laurie Chittendon, and Executive Editor at William Morrow, is going to assist Jeff Kleinman with his "Buy This Book!" workshop, as is one of Jeff’s authors, Neil White, whose memoir, THE OUTCASTS, will be a lead title to be published by Laurie and Morrow in Summer 2009. The book recounts how Neil spent about 18 months imprisoned in the last leper colony in the continental US – in Carville, Louisiana – and how Neil was utterly transformed by the experience.

The “Buy This Book” workshop will launch by using Neil’s book as an example of how to make a book pitch work – how to think about loglines, positioning, and so forth – and how the editorial acquisitions process occurred. The workshop will then move on to discuss the participants’ books, and how to position their own projects as strongly as possible.

"Backspace is relatively new but it’s the real deal – which is amply proved both by the quality of discourse within and the truly amazing hit-rate its members have already achieved."Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author

"I love being associated with you guys. Such a class act. Backspace is the pre-eminent writers organization because you guys have made it so. Always innovating, thinking outside the box, and just generally doing conferences bigger and better than they have been done before. I’m just honored to have been there from the start." – Kristin Nelson, Nelson Literary Agency

"I mention Backspace whenever I teach my writers’ workshop around the country. The yearly Backspace conference is an invaluable resource. I’ve taught there and can’t say enough good things about the information, encouragement, and enthusiasm they provide." – David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author

From Attendees:

"I have never had such an excellent time at a conference! The presenters were uniformly accessible and pleasant. The overall mood was also excellent."

"The workshop was so well organized and run. Bravo to all of you who worked to pull together a truly remarkable event, well worth the price of admission!"

"The superlatives just flow whenever I try to describe my experience at the conference. I can’t say enough or thank you enough. Superb. As I keep telling folks, it’s impossible to convey what I took away from the experience, because the most valuable things are the intangibles."

"It was the best writing conference I’ve ever attended on all dimensions – the amount of new information, real contact with other writers and people in the industry, and the level of truth-telling made it stand out."

"I thought the conference was absolutely fantastic. The informal atmosphere and seriousness of intent combined into an exciting, very useful, very enjoyable weekend of talks and panels. I learned so much, met so many wonderful people, and got a far stronger handle on how to market my work. Many, many thanks."


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  1. Cynical July 21, 2008 at 9:28 pm #

    This sounds like a really good conference.  I\’ve never read much about
    professional writing or attended a seminar, but I certainly recognize
    some of the names you mention.  Has Miz Clementine taken on enough reality that you\’ll have to pay for her to go to the conference, also?  Hopefully you can still sneak her in free in your head like we used to get fellow delinquents into the drive in movie in the car trunk.I apologize for missing several of your posts.  For some reason, they weren\’t showing up on the magick Live Post machine, while all the "friend" acceptances by any of my friends took up all but the past 18 hours of entry space.  Gotta do some weeding in that particulat garden.Peace, Doc

  2. P July 22, 2008 at 2:20 pm #

    i\’ve talked about going to conferences for a few years now and haven\’t. i keep supposing i should have a full ms before shooting myself into a pool of people who actually finish things. i don\’t know if that\’s bad logic.

  3. Georgia July 22, 2008 at 5:03 pm #

    Thanks for the info. Wish I could go, it sounds full of rich information.

  4. Carol July 23, 2008 at 12:19 am #

    HI just came by for a visit. hope you are doing well sounds like you have been very busy this summer. I hope you find out the trouble with your laptop.. last time mine was that slow I had multi spyware and trojan problems.. I sure hope that is not it!!  take care..  : )

  5. caroline July 23, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    So many conferences, so little money. If I had the money I\’d be flying all over the U.S. and the U.K attending conferences. I know how you feel about missing the really good ones. Actually, I\’m presenting at one in August. It\’s local so it won\’t be a problem. It\’s going to be on Children and Trauma. 
    By the way, I tagged you. I guess I didn\’t hit \’add\’. So I\’ll do it now. Go to my site for directions.

  6. Deborah July 23, 2008 at 10:09 pm #

    Where do I start, as I have been catching up.  I like the Shadow People pictures, very cool.  Loved Duma Key, and agree with you about having not cared recently for some of his work, and oh gosh, congrats and condolences about all that is happening at the R&T.  You will do splendidly, and now I must be off to read it.  Sorry about the laptop problems, I so empathize.
    Blessed be

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