A nice thing…

This is a nice thing to happen, for Doc to name my site, and I need to do my part, and I will – I promise. I just feel a little tired today. See here at Doc’s Place -thank you Doc.

3 thoughts on “A nice thing…

  1. oh no! kat, i\’m sorry! not about doc\’s posting. but about kayla! i haven\’t been here in a few days, and i didn\’t know! i feel so sad for you. she was such a sweet girl. i\’m glad i got to meet her, and i\’m glad she got to spend her years with a loving family on such a beautiful mountain.

  2. Hi Kat,
    About feeling tired — giving all the emotion as you have over the past few days tends to drain one. You\’ll rest and recover and think about your beautiful Kayla. She will go with you everywhere now. :)

  3. Hey, it\’s August already? Grouse, mumble, grouse, groan… Next, the neighbors will be hanging Christmas lights again. ;o)

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