Writing the Draft novel “Clementine” to Blog – reposting to catch up…

12 Aug

It’s time to begin Clementine/Clemmie again. Just to remind: I’m writing a novel directly onto this blog, just as I would when writing one onto my word doc—that means I am writing it in Rough Draft, which means I am not editing or over-thinking; I am just writing. This is what I tell writers to do, this is what I taught in my little writing class last summer: Write, just write that first draft, let the words come willy nilly as they will, for there is always time for editing and rewriting, but if you stifle yourself, the voice will not emerge, the characters may stay mum a bit – and not let loose their secrets. Writing this way, as I always do, I can see the character unfolding, I don’t know what’s going to happen next: we are all experiencing this at the same time, it’s all a mystery—I don’t know the middle or the end and maybe not even the beginning, although I may keep the beginning, who knows? So, since it has been a while, and since I’ve had to break the chain of writing due to some events and some traveling and losing my good old dog, I thought I’d first put up Clementine from previous posts – meaning, I will put up a post a day from the beginning to where I stopped, from previous posts, to catch you up, if you are out there reading and/or interested; and if not, then that’s fine, too. This means you may have already read it—but as soon as I “catch up” I will write new material.


Also, either today or tomorrow, I’ll post those Oregon/airplane ride photos. I will be back later this afternoon to post a section of Clementine from the beginning (I can’t put her up all at once, since it is near 10,000 words already – can you believe it?)


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  1. Cynical August 12, 2008 at 3:10 pm #

    Yaay!!  It truly is fascinating to "watch" your creative process happening.  It may be that we think somewhat alike (I sincerely apologize to you for that comparison) as I have seldom, if ever been able to use an outline, story line, or premeditated structure more than 17 syllables.  I\’m sure the college and grad school papers I wrote hung out together somewhere in my head and talked things over, but I almost always wrote in one draft and then changed only small details or misspellings.  Besides, I love Ms. Clementine and want to see her emerge.Peace, Doc

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