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17 Sep
First, I’ve posted the last of the "catch up" from Clementine/Clemmie, below. Now I’ll need to add new stuff – again, written directly on this blog without editing, just as I do when alone…egads.
But, I just received an email from my brother in California…he’s been cast in a pilot for a new show! Of course, once they shoot it, they have to peddle it and it has to be picked up and even if it’s picked up, will they keep his part? He plays a guy in a gym who keeps hitting on girls "kinda creepy and weird guy" he says *laugh* It would be so weird to see my brother on the television screen!
I had a thought. There are two things I am not so good at when it comes to writing: 1) Synopsis 2) Titles — I should have a "Give Clementine/Clemmie a title contest"…thing is, what would the payoff be? Hmm. I just had a brain-storm thought. What if after I get the entire thing written, I "self-publish" it or find a small press who is interested in publishing something that has been written directly onto the blog, and of course do it on recycled products. Then, whomever "won" the title contest gets credit for the title and maybe a character named after them (heehehe). All the proceeds for sales can go to a charity – not sure what or where or to whom. That’s the trouble with brainstorming, it’s all clouded up with debris and foggy clouds and rain and lightening and thunder, so it’s hard to see what’s what. I think, therefore I make a mess. So, I’ll just keep writing Clementine here and what ever is whatever.
The other evening GMR and I were at a friends house (Charles!) with friends (Christy, Mark, and Francis) and they had a gift for us. We opened it, and inside was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift: a rock with engraving of a paw, and "Kayla … My Best Friend" — I am a known Rock person, so the idea of the engraving on a rock was perfect, and now I also have this beautiful wonderful thoughtful reminder of my best friend, given to me by my best friends…It’s in front of the fireplace. (I can’t remember if I told about the book a friend sent me – all about heaven and dogs -"Dog Heaven" – a sweet gentle book.)
Be well. Be strong. Eat healthy. Recycle. Be good to each other. Namaste.

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  1. Gumbo September 17, 2008 at 7:47 pm #

    Cool contest idea, ma\’am! I\’ll send a pound of Community Coffee\’s Cafe\’ Special to the winner if you decide to do it, then you can name the good ol\’ dawg after moi! Hugs, Ang

  2. caroline September 17, 2008 at 9:46 pm #

    Hmm, creativity seems to run in your family! Hope your brother \’breaks a leg\’!
    I have two favorite charities. One is The Salvation Army and the other is The Smile Train. The Smile Train sends surgeons all over the world to correct cleft palates of children for free. They then train doctors in those countries to do the surgery for free. The results are awesome. Every single penny that is donated goes to the surgery costs. In fact, the surgery is only $250. Depending on how much a person can donate, even a small donation may pay for sutures, one X-rays or other surgical necessities. Of course, a person can donate the entire amount of one surgery.
    Just letting you know in case I win.

  3. Deborah September 18, 2008 at 1:50 am #

    I love this new look!  And I\’m excited to learn that I have more of Clemmie to read, probably tomorrow at the office because it\’s getting pretty darn late here.  Currently I am reading "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" by Friedman.  It takes a remarkable interview of the author to get me to read non-fiction.  This is pretty good, and I think with your preservationist/conservationist view you might enjoy it to.  Books are piling up in my bedroom, I am writing to blogs now, and working so it is hard to find time for fiction writing.  I am such a procrastinator!!  I did put up new Halloween decorations tonight though.  Grinning!
    Blessed Be
    PS  Very exciting news about your brother, btw.

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