So Long Summer….

19 Sep
I have been visiting a friend’s blog (Gumbo Writer – see to your right in my links!) and she has organized her blog into "posting days" — Monday’s is this topic, Tuesday’s is that…etc. While I’m not so organized, I do think it’s a good idea. So I may steal her idea, or at least my own version of it. Perhaps something like, have a certain day of the week for Clementine posts, another day for mountain life posts, and another – oh, I don’t know, miscellaneous posts? While I may not post every day, I can set up some Monday Wednesday Friday thing…and then change it as I will to Tues Thurs Sat? Haw! But, having a direction and a little organization will help me: especially with the Clementine Novel Draft to Blog, since that is usually a longer post, etc. But I do think Fridays should be Random Thoughts Day, don’t you? I also want to begin visiting you all again, now that I have my new laptop and Granny Laptop is now the possession of Good Man Roger (who does his crosswords and emails on her – they make a good fit). Since this laptop is much faster, I won’t have the frustration I had on visiting as I did before (sorry Granny Laptop!)
The mountain is preparing or fall, by the way. This morning I awoke to a chill, and the sun a giant orange-red ball of flame over the mountain view. We watch Sun track across the ridge-to-the-left and then smack-in-the-middle-of-the-distant-mountain view and then to-the-left-ridge as the seasons change, back and forth Sun travels – a constant, big and bold and in the middle of its life: yes, scientists believe the sun is at Mid-Life—strange to think one day Sun will be Old and then Very Old and then Die. There are leaves changing already, some due to the drought Western North Carolina is experiencing, but within the next weeks, our world will blaze beautiful. And of course, there is football, back to school, new television programs, and even some christmas decorations in the Lowes (yes, that’s right – I saw them on a high shelf, as if Lowe’s felt just a bit guilty for having them there and placed them well above eye level), and of course, the halloween decorations are on the lower shelves to draw the eye away from Santy and his elves. I’ve pulled out my thicker robe, and my fuzzy socks, for those cool mornings and evenings. It’s almost as if summer never happened, as if spring slipped right into fall. Maybe because summer was both busy-happy, and busy-sad: I visited my son in Oregon (happy!), I saw my friends at the conference and in Baton Rouge (another happy!), I lost my good old girl Kayla (sad sad sad). There were too many times away from the mountain, but good ones all the same: that Oregon trip, a trip to Houston, then to New Orleans, then to Baton Rouge, there was company on our mountain, there was my old girl leaving, there was the promotion at Rose & Thorn, and all of this made time rush by rush by rush by–I think time isn’t nearly so linear and solid and staid as we think; I think time is more fluid and stretchy and maleable and changing. Yes, a twenty-four hour day is still 24 hours; however, what if it really isn’t? What if our perceptions are only that? What if a twenty-four hour day is sometimes twenty-three point seven, and other times twenty-four point five? What if in the expanding of our earth and our universe, time is expanding or contracting or both? What if as the world breaths in a contraction and breathes out an expansion, time adjusts? What if twenty-four hours will one day be twenty-two? or twenty-five?
I sit here in my robe and fuzzy slippers, hunched over my laptop, and wonder at the wonders of our Earth, our Universe, the seasons, the way an entire summer can sneak by me with a wink and a laugh and it’s gone….just like that, it’s time for Santy and Halloween on the shelves at Lowes.
Recylce. ReUse. Be well. Eat Healthy. Namaste.
"Green" Tip of the Day: If your grocery store/drugstore/discount store doesn’t have canvas bags by now, ask for them. That way, when asked "Paper or Plastic?" you can say "Neither – I brought my own!"

7 Responses to “So Long Summer….”

  1. Ann September 19, 2008 at 1:22 pm #

    Having a blog posting schedule sounds good, but not for me. It already weighs on my mind to post every day. And sometimes it seems there\’s nothing to say. Except for occasional moments, whose life has that much going on? Oh, heck – maybe it\’s just me! LOL
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment about your mom "Keeping" feral cats. I\’ve done that too, including paying for the spaying like your mom has done. This time it\’s really not intentional and I hope to give away at least the new kitties ASAP. The others will go as soon as they\’re tame enough to be picked up and put in a cat carrier – I hope I still have one or two in the attic.

  2. _ September 19, 2008 at 3:10 pm #

    The stores around here are still charging for the canvas bags. Every store has their logo emblazened on the bag. It seems like since you\’d be carrying around a bag with free advertising for the store on it that they could just give you the canvas bag. Rather than charge you to advertise for them. You can also use old tee shirt to make tote bags. I saw it on MarthaStewart.

  3. Gumbo September 19, 2008 at 4:18 pm #

    I like the tiny bit of organization in an otherwise chaotic life. It takes away some of the stress of worrying about what to post each day, as I only have to fit my thoughts under a predetermined topic. hehe. And you know I\’m all about saving the braincells and taking shortcuts. 
    Love ya and don\’t let it get too cold before I get there….shooting for October!!!!! Angie 

  4. linda September 19, 2008 at 9:37 pm #

    Darling Flower…..  thank you for checking up on me.   I am going to put your space on my desktop for easy access…….hmmmm that book sounds yummy, I love good mysterys.  I have no time to organize, I am just trying to survive and that takes all my time lately.  My hands will not work and so I can not write and do my art so that is a great depresssion.  I do find solace in taking hundreds of pictures on my walks.
    I managed to lose at least 15 pounds walking this summer. I simply adore you dearest.  I have trouble reading even, BUT!  I do it anyway, read atleast 4 books this week.  I tire of televison…….
    it was interesting to realize how much our hands are useful…. like taking a shower!!! dressing and so forth.  I have my  UPS and DOWNS,  the full moon gives me mood swings hehehe lol
    anyway.  I will attempt to spend more time on computer…. winter is coming time to bundle up.
    sending lots of love……your friend Linda

  5. Michiko's September 19, 2008 at 10:32 pm #

    I thought you were doing very well more than some other blogs? Sometimes I hardly catchs up with you on the long entrylol! because I needed to read carefully otherwise you \’ll get a wrong comments from me ha haha
    About the unwanted pest: As I wrote in the last my entry,something is I don\’t understand that why we kept them?
    The possums has special habitat place but still course a lots of problems in the other places… and Bats too.
    I enjoyed your visits,please come again…..
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Cheryl September 20, 2008 at 9:18 am #

    Good to finally get around the block and give you  visit  I never thought to organize my blog with specific thrmes for each day.  A good idea but I just write what I feel or what is happening in the moment so it would nto really work for me.  Glad to read you are getting cool weather and hope it meanders it\’s way to Texas real soon.  Hope your mom in Texas is doing OK….

  7. Jorge September 20, 2008 at 4:44 pm #

    I\’m not nearly as organized as either of you – you only need to see my desk to understand that :-) I\’m sorry about Kayla and your loss. Be well,

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