Thursdays are take a breath and catch up days!

Tomorrow will be Clementine day, where I write another section of the novel draft to blog…I hope to keep them shorter, as long posts are, well, long.
Since this is breather day, a catch up day, I’ll just leave you with something Green and something Healthy Eating:
"Green" Tip of the Day: Here’s an article about lighting and how you can affect your wallet (not to mention all the good "greenie stuff") read at: Planet Green: Lighting
Healthy Eating Tip of the day: When I was a personal trainer, one of the things I saw happen over and over again was the "Gungho all out" person – they’d come in the gym every day and stay for hours. I’d warn them, "Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t over do it. Your going to be fatigued. You’ll have stress injury…" et cetera et cetera et cetera. This same thing goes with "diets" and healthy eating. A person will throw out all the junk food, all the carbs, all the treats, eat carrots and lettuce, drink protein shakes, stay away from many of their favorite foods, and all that jazz; and at first, they feel great, but I see it coming, over and again – that fatigue of "I have to do this the rest of my life?" And that’s the kicker – you should be eating and exercising with "the rest of your life" in mind. Ease into things. See what works for you. Don’t over-do. Don’t make this into something where you groan every time it’s time for a meal or exercise routine. Slip into new healthy eating – learn about nutrition. Eat varieties of food. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies, but allow yourself treats. Moderation, portion control…and yes, fun, too. Life isn’t about denying – it’s about experiencing.
namaste. see you tomorrow with Clemmie.

4 thoughts on “Thursdays are take a breath and catch up days!

  1. I\’m eatiing just liked chicken foods it almost everyday for toward warm weather.
    then I must have treats(Dark chocolets with almond nuts) but not everyday…

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