Saturdays & Sundays are Whatever or Nothing Days…

27 Sep
Which means I’ll write whatever or write nothing. What I’m writing about today is the dream I had Thursday night.
I was in a house, and there were explosives or whatever set around the house to blow it down. I don’t know why the house was to be blown away, but, we all knew it was going to happen so we were prepared to leave the house. So, next I know, I’m in the shower (yeah, well, dreams are like that) and the funny thing I’m just realizing is that I think I was fully dressed — that’s the irony of dreams, for some dreams have you completely or partially nekkid in a crowd, but in the shower I’m dressed, huhn, anyway — and then KABLAOOOWIEEEEEEE! I’m blown to bits. No one came to tell me they were ready to destroy the house, and there I was in the shower! It was at the moment that the house blew that I felt myself blow – yes, I actually felt myself pull apart and dissolve and I actually thought "Oh shit, I’m blown up…" and "I" rushed out of what was my desintegrated body, still with  my thoughts and my thoughts where, "Oh crap, I’m dead." At first I was a little upset, but, I had to just shrug it off and accept it. And, I was flying – thing is, I was a crappy flier, since I kept touching down to earth and having a hard time staying afloat – which really sucks; I mean, if you are going to be dead, the least you should be able to do is fly around all light and happy go lucky, but there I was, struggling to stay up, huhn…dang, something Freudian there, I’m sure…Carolina Chickadee and Doc will be snickling and giggling over THIS dream…huhn.
Well, thing is that made it weirder: There I was a ghost and I was suddenly in this place – like a (okay, this, too, is going to sound SOOOO Freudian) tunnel (don’t laugh dagumit!) and there was an alcove in the tunnel where I was standing, because there was another explosion and fire and smoke and destruction and chaos, and there I stood backed into this alcove so I wouldn’t …woulnd’t what? Die? I mean, I was already dead, and I’m thinking "You are a ghost, you are already dead, why does it matter if you are here or out there?" But, there I stood, watching as debris and smoke and fire flew by in a rush. If you’ve ever seen Independence Day, you’ll know what I mean – that tunnel where they cars go through and then the woman, her kid, and their dog jumped into that sort of room? except mine had no door. Anyway, that’s all I remember…huhn. Shrug. 
What kind of dreams have you had recently? Do you dream? Do you remember them? Do you dream in color or do you know? Do you have nice dreams or are you a nightmare person?
Green Tip of The Day: Did you know that if you recycle certain items with the lids/caps still attached (like some drinking bottles) they can’t recycle them with the caps attached? See this article from Scientific American
Healthy Tip of the Day: If you do no other excerise: Walk. It’s simple, it’s no-cost, it’s good for you, and you just may discover something about yourself, your neighborhood (or elsewhere in your city), or about whomever you walk with. It builds muscle, it burns calories, it helps your heart, and as I said, it opens up the world to you with sight, sound, nature. Start small if you need to, and build up. Stretch after. Of course, always walk safely. Namaste.

8 Responses to “Saturdays & Sundays are Whatever or Nothing Days…”

  1. Gumbo September 27, 2008 at 10:33 am #

    I dream in color, but my sleep is so inconsistent and fractured, I have trouble remembering my dreams. I used to record them to pick them apart later, but not lately. Hate nightmares. Yours, however, sounds interesting, and just like a movie. ;)  Ang

  2. Ann September 27, 2008 at 3:12 pm #

    Hi – I sleep soundly and whatever dreaming I may do remains in the bed.
    I\’ve heard that about the caps on bottles thing. Such a disppointment because the recycle guys originally told us "this will not be work for you; no rinsing, cleaning." But in Florida if we were to leave the caps off without rinsing throughly the bugs would take over!

  3. JaAG September 27, 2008 at 10:33 pm #

    I luv walking, but I suspect I don\’t walk fast enough or long enough to get any real benefit beside the conversations we have and the relaxation. Plus the dawgs luv it, stoppin\’ to sniff or chase a grasshopper. Doesn\’t seem possible summer is over already.

  4. Cynical September 28, 2008 at 9:09 am #

    I suppose if you\’re gonna get blowed up in your dream it\’s best to be dressed for the occasion.  About the rest?  No comment.Peace, Doc

  5. P September 28, 2008 at 6:29 pm #

    wow! exciting dream!
    i have read before that dreaming of the interior of a house is an exploration of your own mind. interesting that the "house" in your dream was about to be blown to bits.
    hmm… i love dreams. so so interesting.
    last night i dreamed that i was good friends with john mayer. we went out to eat, and he asked a cute little redhead for a kiss, and she said yes, and so they kissed. and i rolled my eyes.
    i dream in color, but they are always dimly lit.

  6. caroline September 28, 2008 at 6:57 pm #

    You\’re darn lucky I\’m trained in general systems theory so Freud\’s theories hold little to no credence for me. My theory, conjecture, opinion? It was probably something you ate!
    I rarely remember dreams, but I do remember dreams I had as a child and they were usually terrifying.
    I walk a mile every day but because the Little One (my rat terrier) is 15 years old, it\’s more like meandering than walking. My heart rate is probably slower after the walk than before. My doctor would not be pleased!
    I love Clementine/Clemmie!

  7. Michiko's September 29, 2008 at 1:59 am #

    Green tip of the day: Thanks I didn\’t know till today that is make sense,
    because different plastic than the containers.  
    I deams in color of the flowers in the gradens. When I had worried sometings it always I\’m frying in the skies and
    someone has a bumboo stick and trying to poke into my bottom lol! there I try to my hand up and down to frying back higher and higher then I was tired to awoked myself the day I was grumpy an old woman. ha ha ha

  8. linda September 29, 2008 at 11:03 am #

    I started walking this summer and lost 15 pounds. I pick up cans and plastic bottles because I got bored of just walking and it them gave me a goal. Infact I am off to take a walk this morning. As far as dreams go…. I do not remember many and those are usually bad. The last ones I remembered I wss being stabbed in a car, and another snakes were getting me…. yuck…
    I find your dream very interesting, I always wonder what effect they have, or is real?!#* in some way, frankly I like a nice dream but they are few and far apart.
    OK gotta go and put a bandaid on this brain you pricked… off on my morning walk. Linda xoxo

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