Tuesday is Recycle Day!

30 Sep
Since Tuesday is Recycle day, I recycle something I’ve already written; usually a blog post, but today I’m recycling a column I wrote for a magazine. That will also take care of my "Healthy Living Tip"of the day. Since this is Recycle Day, perhaps we can all be more mindful of what and how we can recycle – maybe in ways we never thought of before.
Green Tip of the day for recycle day: Go to Reduce Your Rubbish website and read these tips! Surely even a few will fit your lifestyle. Every little bit counts. Find the ones that save your wallet. Remember, this can simply be about Saving Cash – nothing wrong with looking at it that way.
Writer’s/Editor’s Tip of the day: When you submit to magazines/zines, do you read their submissions guidelines and follow them? I hope you do, for they are there for good reason, not just because the editors want to trip you up. Many magazine/zine editors work for little or no pay–it is truly a "labor of love," so give them a break by following guidelines. When I read submissions, if the guidelines are not reasonably met, I will pass on that submission. When there are so many really good submissions from writers who read and follow the guidelines, why should I waste the little time I have on someone who doesn’t care enough to take a few moments to read/follow guidelines? It is obvious to us who reasonably tried to follow the guidelines and who just slammed a bunch of their stuff to editors in the hopes someone, anyone, anywhere will publish them.

Have a workout question? Need motivation to get out there and move! Need a voice of reason who can help you weed through the plethora of information on diet and exercise? Ask Kathryn! Kathryn worked as a personal trainer from 1998 until 2004; she now practices and writes about Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, aerobic activity, and eating for the rest of her life. If you have a question for Kathryn, please email her at kmtrain@hotmail.com. (As always, be sure to go for a thorough check-up with your doctor before implementing an exercise routine. And, for more detailed information on health and exercise, two good websites to visit are: http://www.mayoclinic.com/, and, http://www.webmd.com/)


Q: What’s the easiest exercise to stay in shape? The perfect thing for a naturally lazy person to try? –Charlotte


A: I’m going to say what you may not want to hear, Charlotte. There really isn’t any “easy” way to stay in shape for the rest of your life. It takes commitment, a mindset of, “This is for me! I am worth it.” That said, there are relatively easy things you can do to maximize your exercise routine without huffing and puffing and blowing your poor heart down. And, once you incorporate some basics, you will begin to feel less “lazy.”


Walking is a simple and easy, but safely effective way to get in shape. When walking, you use the large muscles of your legs, hips, and buttocks, burning calories and building strength. Pick a spot that brings joy to you. Is there a part nearby? A lake or pond? Maybe you like walking in the mall—just make sure you are walking and not shopping—some malls open up early for mall-walkers. Swing your arms, find a good pace, breathe, and remember to use good posture.


Dancing is fun and joy-filled. There are times when I turn the music on throbbing loud and dance around the room. Maybe this is your “lazy person” way to get your heart rate up, to use those muscles that are atrophied by lack of use. Dance in your home, or get brave and sign up for dancing lessons.


Fidgeting. Yes, I wrote fidgeting. Okay, I will give you this: the laziest workout ever. Now, imagine I am giving you “The Trainer’s Evil Eye” as you read this, but there are studies that show people who fidget burn more calories than those who are not fidgety. So, strum those fingers, jiggle that leg, shift positions often. Move. You may just burn up to 350 calories a day.


Bottom line, the more you do for your body, the better you will feel. Your body depends on you to take care of it. Find a way to fit in some kind of movement—walk, dance, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator/escalator, park farther away from entrances, etc. I am sure you have heard these things often, but it bears repeating because it is important—we have one body and that body must take us throughout our life, so, do you want a strong, healthy body? Or one that is weak and tired? Find even ten minutes three times a day to Move. Try the small things daily, and the hope is that you’ll work your way up to more. I will also tell you—there is power in being and feeling strong; try it.



Q: Ms. Kathryn, how do I get the motivation to begin exercising? Osteoporosis runs in my family, and I’m a prime candidate for it, but I hate to sweat and I’m lazy. I know I’m supposed to do cardio and strength training but don’t. Ever. Thank you! – Mary Ann


A: There’s that “lazy” word again. Believe me, once you begin to move and begin to feel your power from a strong and healthy body, that word will not be a part of your personal vocabulary! As long as your doctor has examined you with a “Go for it, Mary Ann!” after you’ve let him/her know you are embarking on a new exercise routine, anyone at any age can begin a New Life when it comes to becoming strong and flexible. And you, in particular, must begin to think about the future of your bones. Studies show it is never too late to build bone mass, to make those bones stronger, and if the muscles surrounding the bones are stronger, they can help support. Some form of strength training is in order, whether you use tubing, do Pilates, free weights, nautilus machines, swimming, water aerobics, walking, etc (as long as you are mindful of any weaknesses/injuries/other issue except laziness that must be addressed). Until you see your doctor to know the condition of your bones, watch out for exercises that compress and twist the spine—like high impact aerobics, some types of yoga moves, rowing motions, even bowling and golfing can put twisting pressure on your spine.


Don’t think about those “supposed to’s” as if exercise is likened to a root canal, but instead, find a routine that gives you a sense of accomplishment and power. If money is not an issue, I suggest finding a good personal trainer in your area—be sure to ask what experience they have, but just as important, you must feel comfortable with the trainer—not only “personally” but also with the goals and exercises they ask of you. A good trainer will help you find a routine that feels right for you, keep you motivated to a regular routine, know any areas of weakness or problem areas, and finally, teach you how to continue the routine without them. If a trainer is not practical for you, find an exercise buddy, someone who will call you up and say, “Let’s go. No excuses.”


Finally, get educated—visit your doctor and ask for informational pamphlets, or go to good websites like the Mayo Clinic. Imagine walking straight and tall; imagine those strong bones supporting you through life; imagine getting that bone scan and your doctor telling you, “Good bones!” And you walk out of the doctor’s office with a smile on your face, in all your strong power.


5 Responses to “Tuesday is Recycle Day!”

  1. Ann September 30, 2008 at 9:58 am #

    Good column and good post! These are my questions, too, as I try to get back to regular walking.

  2. Rambling September 30, 2008 at 1:09 pm #

    I love my walking although for the first time in years, a week has passed without it.  I gave in to my excuses.

  3. Gumbo September 30, 2008 at 7:54 pm #

    I loooove recycling, \’specially in the writing arena! Hugs 2U, Angie

  4. Linda September 30, 2008 at 9:37 pm #

    Hello, hello.  So good to hear from you.  I recycle and I walk.  Am I good or what?  LOL  My granddaughter is doing a play Oklahoma and has a lead part.  I\’m so very proud, as this little gal was Annie at age 11.  Hope all is well in your world!
    Don\’ feel bad, I am rather out of the blog loop myself. 

  5. Michiko's October 1, 2008 at 9:08 am #

    This is a very good post that we knew how to recycle to reduce our rubbish but many people are doesn\’thinking about it ?  I loved walking in the golf course about four hours in three time a week plus walks in the parks.
    my nature is love to spend time in the outside,when we used to lived in the big property (the children were younger) it almost all day in the garden at the back 20 fruit trees and a front the citrus fruits that you can seen I loved the garden.
    But not anymore, I get ache my back … not young anymore ha ha ha
    Would be nice to recycle our body became younger …my imagination????????????

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