Thursday is Breather day….but…

2 Oct
Ah, breather day, but I have so much to do. Yesterday I thought, "Yawn, I’m already bored with my ‘schedule’ " Yes, that’s me; it’s only been, what, a week? and I’m already bored with it? Oh, my brain, my jittery brain. But, the good thing is, with the "schedule" I have posted more, even if it was Rubbish. And, it focuses me. There are some things that focus me: My Writing, My Editing, My Editing/Work with Rose & Thorn.
Here is a link to read the R&T Newsletter. if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, I hope you’ll consider it. It’s EASY.
Our submissions are re-opened, too. That means reading submissions, which also means sending rejections – something most every editor hates. I urge you to never take it personally (I know that’s hard; remember, I’m a writer and have been rejected – which makes sending rejections doubly difficult) and never give up! Sometimes you come closer than you think (but, see below tip).
I am also happy because my short story "Nerissa," along with a photograph I took while in Oregon is published in the Fall Issue of OCEAN Magazine. The photograph with the story stars my son’s footprints (even though the story is written in the POV of a woman, teehee). Now, OCEAN is a beautiful publication – Diane Buccheri, the publishing editor, does so much for our oceans. If you look at the magazine, you will see it is sent from "Rodanthe, NC" — yes, that’s where they filmed the movie with Richard Gere and Diane Lane "Nights in Rodanthe." Diane Buccheri also did a cool thing–you can read the publication online for only $3.00. A small price to pay if you do not want a print subscription to the magazine (although, the publication is so beautiful, helps our oceans, and has work from everyone from plain ole writer me to scientists and ocean-people and environmental people, et cetera). A small price to pay to help this magazine stay "afloat" – and as well, be a part in helping our oceans and their creatures. The fall issue where "Nerissa" is published isn’t live yet to read online; I’ll put up another link when it is.
Green Tip of the Day: Do you really need that light on? Do you really need your house that temperature? Do you really need to keep the water running when washing dishes? You can save Cash in your Wallet by simple acts: turn off lights, turn up the thermostat, turn off the water. Things become "second-nature" when you do them repeatedly.
Healthy Living Tip of the Day: If you have cable, turn to the fitness channel and look for "Namaste Yoga" – wonderful! I recommend it.
Writer’s/Editor’s Tip of the Day: If you are repeatedly rejected without acceptance; it is time to take a look at your story/writing. Or, rather maybe it is time to have someone you trust, who will tell you the truth, help you see what may be holding you up. Repeated rejections are expected, really, because it’s a tough competitive world out there…I know this. But, if you have never received an acceptance and you have submitted submitted submitted, it’s time to consider what you may be missing in your writing or your prose/poetry, or even perhaps "simply" where you are submitting. Of course, it could just be Bad Luck. Or, as I said, finding the right publication. If you have never had anyone "critique" your work – ever – if you are the only one ever to have seen your work, other than the editors of magazines/zines, then what do you have to lose by having a few "readers" tell you what they think? (And this can be slippery – be mindful of who you ask, and don’t ask me, please, unless I’ve invited you *smiling* – as much as I love to help, I can’t do it any longer…).

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  1. Gumbo October 2, 2008 at 11:07 am #

    Laughing at "…bored with my schedule already…" ;) Some brains are just meant to go about doing their thing in free form. Don\’t fight it. Hugs and nice post as always. Angie

  2. Ann October 2, 2008 at 7:34 pm #

    Thanks for sharing today\’s "breather" news.

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