Wednesday is Letter To….day

22 Oct

This is a re-posting of a letter; but I have reason to repost. The reason is not fully known to me, only that I "Listened" to the Universe this morning, and this morning the Universe said, "Remember that letter you wrote? It’s time to put it up again….someone needs to read it…" So, I listened.


Dear You,


Why do you not feel you are beautiful? Why is it you do not feel worthy? I am here now, telling you that the world you have wrapped about yourself is not the reality I see, the reality that others who know you see.


Your life has been short. No, you say, it has not; it has been long enough and hard. How can that be, You? How can that be? For your life is but the moment there before you. To look back, there is only dust and faded footprints, nothing. To look forward is but an exercise in the what if, and what if’s are not what now. The moment before you is your life.


You, who do not think your worth is measured by love and warmth. You, who think you alone. Do you not believe that there are those of us who are standing in the shadow of your pain, hands outstretched, afraid to enter into your dark for fear of hurting you more–as we attempt to construct the perfect word, then sentence, then phrase, the paragraph, that will be the magic which will turn your face to the light again?


You, whose every miniscule inch of the skin that covers your bones and organs and veins that courses warm blood through your incredible human form – every inch of that skin is beautifully constructed, a wonder, a testament to the living breathing You. You, who are wonderfully, perfectly made, but who can not see. Your eyes are clouded with hurt and pain. This has become your World. Can you see that this world is a false one? Can you see that your world has become false?



As you step, step, and step again, faltering, You think that you are alone, for with your head down in shame, in sadness, you cannot see but your own feet. If you would look up, you would see many others beside you, walking with you, waiting. Many others who also feel as you do, and if You, my hurt one, turned to the One beside you, what would you offer them? What would you offer them to heal? Turn that upon yourself, You. Turn the healing upon yourself.


How do I tell You? How do I help you see and believe and feel the energy of my want to get through? The energy of your friends’ wants. The energy of loved ones’ wants.


Come here, You. Come closer. Closer. Feel my breath upon your face? You, why do you not believe that every breath you take into your body to fill your precious lungs, that gives you life, is the same breath I take – as you exhale, I take in. As I exhale, you take in, and we are one in this universe. Each of us is one, as we take in the exhales from our brothers and sisters. Alone is not a reality. Alone is but a dream for which we can awake. Wake up, see your worth. You are worthy. You are worthy. You are Worthy.


You, why do you feel as if you must disappear? Why do you see your body as one that must grow smaller and smaller until it has vanished? Until all that is left is empty marrow, empty skin and bits of bone left lying upon the ground. Fill up. Fill yourself up. Fill up and arise. Arise from the ground, arise and walk. Be Strong. Be Strong. Be Strong.


You are not alone, You. You are not alone, You. You are not alone, You.


You are worthy, You. You are worthy, You. You are worthy, You.


Rise up. Rise up. Rise up.


Fill your body with breaths. Fill your body with nutrients. Fill your body with the moment before you–this is your life, right now, the moment before you.


And standing with you is the multitude of the ages, an ancient ancient Earth who adores it when you place your foot upon her. An Earth who loves you to pick her flowers, to dig in her soil, to sit on her warm rocks, to step on her pebbles, to lean your back against a tree-letting the bark tattoo upon you its life lived, an Earth who wants you to feel her wind, listen to her birds, touch touch touch touch and feel the Earth’s gifts.


You, whose life is as ancient and old as time. You, who lives in this moment, with that ancient and old as time life. You whose blood is my blood. Whose air is my air. Whose breath is my breath.


Oh You! Can’t you see it? There, before you? Your beautiful life! Your beautiful face! The body which carries you to the next moment. The breath which leaves your body and enters mine and hers and his.


You, come here. Come here. Listen to me. I know, for I have been down many paths of pain. I know where you are headed, and I do not want you to go there. I want you to come here. Come here. You, come here and listen to me.


You will always be loved. You will always be cherished. You will always always be worthy. No one or no thing on Earth can take this from you.  You will always be loved. You will always be cherished. You, you will always be worthy.




Kathryn Magendie




Green Tip of the DayFive "save money" green tips from The Daily Green. 


Healthy Living Tip of the Day: What happened to giving yourself a break when it comes to looking in the mirror? If every woman out there believes she has to be a certain size that is unreasonable to her body type, then she sets herself up for failure — maybe men do this, too, but not as often as women. Comparing yourself to others -especially Hollyweird actresses whose heads look like balloons on a string — is unhealthy and unreaslistic; but as well, comparing yourself to the woman down the street, at your gym, next door, at the grocery, in line at the post office, wraps your psyche in negativity, unhealthy expectations, and leads you to "failure" of your goals. Since when are we all supposed to look alike? Will you stop and internalize this? Are all us women supposed to be blond/bleached out blond, blue eyed, size 2 but with unnaturally large unnatural breasts that don’t jiggle when you move, no-fat on the body, and botoxed faces even when you are in your twenties and thirties! my god! If you focus on your perceived flaws then you’ll never be satisfied, especially if these "flaws" are a part of your genetic body make up. Eat healthy foods, take walks, breathe, do some stretching like yoga—life is but a minute and why spend yours obsessing about the size of your ass in your jeans because it doesn’t look like some actresses unrealistic ass? (and remember, an Actor’s JOB is to look a certain way — I feel sorry for them – imagine your body is not your own, but some Hollyweird mogul OWNs you and your body…where your entire life is spent worrying about how you look every where you go – any time of the day or night.)  Embrace your ass!….Right now decide your ass is a wonder…Love your ass…Your ass is Beautiful! *grin*


Writer’s/Editor’s Tip of the day: I give you a link to Angie Ledbetter’s blog: Finding Good News Among Bad




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  1. Gumbo October 22, 2008 at 4:23 pm #

    Thanks for the linkage, and your letter is awesomely beautiful. I hope you/You read it aloud in the mirror. See you tomorrow! Angie

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