Monday is WTF? Eyewww? and That’s Innerestin’ day

10 Nov

Taken from Google Home Page "useless knowledge:"


Giant crab spiders have such a ferocious appearance that they earned a spot as extras in the horror film Arachnophobia. These creatures, however, eat only cockroaches(eyewwww), crickets, and caterpillars, more than compensating for their scary appearance. Giant crab spiders are about 2 inches long, are hairy, and have noticeable black fangs and black feet. Their egg sac is the size of a golf ball.


A bee has 5 eyes, 2 large compound eyes on either side of its head, and 3 ocelli (primitive eyes) on top of its head to detect light intensity.


A bird sees everything at once in total focus. Whereas the human eye is globular and must adjust to varying distances, the bird’s eye is flat and can take in everything at once in a single glance.(ain’t that innerestin!)


In June 1995, as KVEW-TV reporter Mychal Limric was doing a news story on beekeeping in Kennewick, Washington, the bees took an apparent liking, or disliking, to his hair gel, said the station’s news director. The bees attacked him from a hive 50 feet away. Limric was treated for more than 30 stings on the scalp and face. He was the only person there who was stung.



Green Tip of the Day: Cutting Food Waste, by Green Living Tips – Friends, remember: it’s not just about helping our Earth Living, but it can certainly be about saving money! We are a wasteful society – let’s just be mindful of that waste, and our wallets. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay for things with cash and only use credit cards when absolutely necessary? Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra cash left over after bills and other responsibilities to go out to dinner, or take a trip, or buy something we’ve always wanted? Little things can add up – take the coins you save from small steps to control waste and put those coins in a jar – then when the jar is full of coins (or dollar bills!) use it for a treat!


Healthy Living Tip of the Day: Steps to a Healthier Weight, by MyPyramid.Gov And remember: "Healthy Weight" is different for everyone. Just because some actor or neighbor or someone at the gym, etc, looks to you to be "thin" and you’d like to be that "thin," doesn’t mean that weight is for you – our body types, the way we process food, general health, medications, etc, effect/affect how you lose/gain weight. Find that "comfort zone" for you – -for me, I have a pair of soft jeans that I love to wear around the house and I try to stay in them comfortably; when those pants begin to get tight, I know I need to watch what I’m doing. Or maybe you want more energy to run around with your kids or your group of friends. Or maybe your doctor has said, "Loose weight or die/become diabetic/be unable to lower your blood pressure, etc." Maybe you want to get up the stairs without gasping for breath. Find motifivation. Find something that is important to you personally – it never works (permanently) to do something FOR someone else or for some event like a reunion(and I said "permanently") – you must make this a way of your life, so find something that fits you personally and that you know you can live with. I have a sweet tooth and there is no way I’ll ever completely give up sugar, so I find ways to help quell that sweet tooth’s call: eat a piece of dark chocolate every day and then I occassionally have something decadent; but, alternatively, I find it easy to eat very little or no meat, and very little white flour foods and I happen to love salads, veggies, fruits. I also know I am a curvy woman – I ‘ll never be "skinny" and to become "skinny" I’d have to eat in an unhealthy way.  Make it personal and then make up your mind it is for You. You are worthy.


Writer’s/Editor’s Tip of the Day: When you submit to magazines/zines, please read and follow the guidelines. They are there for a reason. Now, we editors are not looking for reasons to reject you. At R&T, we do not expect perfection; we know writer’s make mistakes – for we are writers and have made mistakes. Some editors get pissy when their names are mis-spelled, but I don’t even care about that; things happen, and I don’t take it personally. However, it is obvious when a writer does not take the time to read the guidelines, or when the writer just emails his work out to many editors at once in a slapdash way. Now, if you have never submitted to a zine/mag before because you feel intimidated, try the smaller or newer zines/mags, for many of them love to give emerging writers a chance at publication. R&T is open to all kinds of writing and all kinds of writers. And, don’t give up. If one story is rejected by many editors, then maybe it’s time to look at that piece of writing again, but I know of writers who submit and are rejected one or two times and give up! Lawd! Rejection is a part of the business – a sucky part, but it’s a part of it. Grow a thick skin and take risks.




4 Responses to “Monday is WTF? Eyewww? and That’s Innerestin’ day”

  1. Ann November 10, 2008 at 2:37 pm #

    Nice tidbits of info. Some useful, some not. LOL

  2. Gumbo November 10, 2008 at 3:01 pm #

    Those nasty spiders need to take heed of your healthy eating tips. They are def eating too many things beginning with the letter C. :)

  3. Michiko's November 10, 2008 at 8:46 pm #

    I do take noticed Giant crab spiders eggs,size of GOLF BALL…
    It\’s good idea to wear jeans to around the house…Yes! you do feel if ate too much LOL!
    Foe three time a week I eat dark chcolate & Banana as well on the golf course:-)

  4. Zeynep November 12, 2008 at 6:17 am #

    I like the entry. Learned some things that I don\’t know, thanks.
    And thanks for stopping by Kathryn. Love and peace, Zeynep xx

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