Already beginning…

Work has already begun to ready for the release. And two of those things are to discover a cover and find another title. The second one makes me laugh because I have re-titled Virginia Kate so many times! I am over-thinking it I know. Bellebooks will help me with both of these things, but of course, I need to be involved, et cetera!
They’ve put a notice in Publisher’s Weekly – it made it very real to see that. Gawd. Stomach flutters.
So, I’m doing my homework and feeling as if I’m in a dream.
My friends, what a Christmas gift!
I feel as if you all have been along with me on this journey and it feels good – so I don’t feel as if I am somehow floating in space, because the weight of those who are cheering me on hold me to the ground, but in that nice way – my feet barely touching the ground. Nice. *smiling*
So, back to looking at titles, to thinking about blurbs, about future reviewers, about covers, about things I have never experienced. Oh! And I think how I’ve been on the other side of it – the reviewer, the editor, the blurb-writer.
Christmas, just days away. There’s a fire in the fireplace as the chill has returned. The birds have emptied the feeder I filled this morning, so I will re-fill it. The creek is rushing madly madly – the recent rains another gift.
This is a humbling feeling. I mean, will I be loved? Will my book be received well? Will my Virginia Kate steal your hearts?
I will be back with my green tips, and my healthy living tips, and my writer/editor tips, too. And, some Clemmie/Clementine when I can. But, I also want to get to work on the next in my Virginia Kate Trilogy! Good Lawd – writers have to always look ahead don’t they? Still, I’m going to enjoy all the moments.
Thank you for your comments – they make me smile and I feel as if I’m in the huge group hug.
Okay, more later as I experience it.

6 thoughts on “Already beginning…

  1. Oh I am so happy for you I can tell you right now. Just imagine. Well, I\’m sure you are. Reading all about it in these last two blogs makes it so real. I congratulate you and will be one of your loving followers…..Merry Christmas!!Hugs,Linda

  2. awesome. do keep writing about the experience! i am keenly interested in the whole process. i would imagine the cover would be some of the most thrilling aspects. can\’t wait to see it. have i mentioned how happy i am this is happening for you??? so so worthy.

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