The Cover to tender graces

Here it is. I love it. I want to cry just looking at it. I have my cover image. What else is there to say right now, but….Beautiful. Thank you Bellebooks.

9 thoughts on “The Cover to tender graces

  1. Yes, it\’s a very inviting cover! I want to know what this mom and daughter are all about. BTW, it\’s a bit unusual for an "unknown" authors\’s name to be so prominent. Good for you (and Belle).Best,Nan

  2. Magnificent! I wanna suck that baby\’s thumb…and rip open the cover and find out all about it…I mean, in hard copy with the smell of ink wafting up along with the golden words! Ahhh.woooo!

  3. Beautiful and touching cover. I\’, too, want to know the story of this little girl and the adult holding her hand. I like the title, also.

  4. Kat, I too could cry! It\’s beautiful. So touching. Your words too, I know, are beautiful and touching. Can\’t wait to hold it, read it, soak it in.

  5. Love the simple theme. Sepia is so nostalic and classy. So.. book tour???? ( need fan club prez? I have experience. Was prez of archie and jughead, so they said after money was paid … etc ) congrats, you are so talented and I am excited beyond reason for you!

  6. Dear Kathryn, I never thought you could do it for I always have known that you would do it. Chomping at the bits for my copy. Smile! As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

  7. Beautiful book cover Kathryn. I know how you feel now. Good luck for your book journey in every steps of it. Love and peace, Zeynep xx

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