Momma’s little baby love …salt rising bread!

In Tender Graces, there is food – what self-respecting southerner wouldn’t include food in their writing? Well, I guess instead of food there may be some other thing you can taste and feel the texture of, roll it around on your tongue, swallow it down, and it gets in your veins–into the marrow of your bones even. So, every now and then, maybe on Sundays, I think I’ll add a recipe from tender graces, and/or a link to something pertaining to that recipe.

In the book, I write about Grandma Faith baking bread to save “run-away” money, and then Momma bakes, too; when she has to figure things out she pounds up the dough–like Salt Rising Bread (or Salt Risen Bread). In Louisiana chapters, there’s of course food….South Louisiana IS food, the entire place smells spicey and you can’t pass a block without some kind of food establishment sitting there…even the worst restaurants in South Louisiana are better than some of the best ones in some cities. No lie! Ask Angie Gumbo Writer! They just know what they are doing (I wrote about this in New Southerner – this dynamic of South Louisiana).

I thought I’d start off with salt rising bread. Not many people have heard of it and not many have tasted it. It’s not about the “salt” but the origins behind it.

Susan R. Brown’s Salt Rising Bread Project. She has the best website on Salt Rising Bread! All kinds of links there and information and recipes.

And googling, I something I found from an “old curmudgeon” who talks about the bread and memories.
And a more on Salt Rising Bread
Enjoy your Sunday. Maybe bake some bread – or go to the little local bakery and buy a loaf or two of your favorite – especially if they are little independent bakeries who need our business!

14 thoughts on “Momma’s little baby love …salt rising bread!

  1. I love bread … I love making it (it’s a Zen thing). But … I “zenned” a few too many calories onto my hips by making bread. Yeah … I could demonstrate control but … it’s just not in me. Warm bread means … eat it … eat it all … fast … before it cools. Ah well! :)Small Footprints

  2. I guess I’m not a true southerner anymore because the bread machine does the kneading for me. But, since I make a loaf or more a day, plus rolls and other niceties, maybe I can be forgiven?

  3. My parents bake 10 loafs a week and she makes a salty bread i can’t get enough of.Especiall if it just came out of the oven.Now I’m hungry.

  4. This weekend, I’ve just bought my first ever cookbook, all I need now is a magic wand to bring it all to life. Do you know Harry Potter?PS: will you be doing an audio version of your forthcoming bestseller [my Magic-8 ball never lies], Tender Graces?

  5. Louisiana IS food. You got dat right, sha! :) And nothing better than bread of every variety. My dad makes homemade Italian loaves for all the holidays…puts them in plastic newspaper bags. hehe. PS to Jenn…COME ON DOWN!

  6. Oh, Anita! I have torillas almost every day! But not homemade alas….ANgie – teehee – saw it ..tee.jeeJanna – on my way!Tim – i wish I could be there to watch you cook your first dish from that cookbook *wheee!*

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