Psssst! Our Angie Gumbo Writer….

Angie has a poem up on Found Poetry! HERE go read – Angie is a gifted poet. She also just had a poem accepted by a print publication OCEAN magazine. GO ANGIE GO! YAYYY!

Voting still up for the book give-a-way—see post below!


20 thoughts on “Psssst! Our Angie Gumbo Writer….

  1. Girllllll, you in deep doo-doo! LOL. Thanks for the horn tootin’. You a good good fwiend. Now…how’s about sharing with blog friends all the acceptances YOU’VE hauled in lately!?

  2. I’d love to hear that story of how Angie gave you the reason to write your book. You may have covered it here in the past, but I’m new. I love the entry above – it’s special to me – I have 2 doggie’s ashes in my dining room and next spring we will, we need to release them.Hey Ang – I added a background to my blog and all was fine. Then later all my comments are gone? I went through settings and must bemissing something. Any tips? Thanks!

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