On the day that I was born….la la la tee dah…

NOTE FROM KAT! I’m laughing at myself – I kept wondering “why are people wishing me a happy birthday?” then I looked back over my post and the title *laughing!* what a dummy I am — Okay, today isn’t my birthday – it’s actually later this month….but, I’ll accept birthday wishes and chocolate and gifts and botox for my forehead butt and…..laughing….*knock on my head*

When I get up in the morning, it’s log in log in log in log in check this check that…I think I have too many places to go and people to see *laugh* … but while I’m doing that, sometimes I’ll come across the MSN page or Google page and see something that’ll distract me/catch my eye and send me off on a tangent so that I “waste” part of my morning.

Like….what moon were you born under? here’s mine: On the day you were born, the Moon was in Capricorn. Your emotional nature is very earthy and direct. You use caution before you show your feelings to someone, since you fear rejection. But you shouldn’t! You have loyalty and love to offer a romantic partner, you take care of your family members, and you have a very dry and witty sense of humor with those who know you.

And, while I was thinking about being born, I put “1957” in google just to see what would show up.

I was feeling silly then, and just out of curiosity, I typed “my toe” into google…

Then I went by the Dream Dictionary and looked for “Giant Chicken” but it wasn’t there! Humph. Well, dang it all, guess I’ll never figure out the meaning of the giant chicken dream. However, when I googled about giant chicken dreams (which was interesting and in some cases a bit disturbing), I found where apparently someone else had a giant chicken in their dream! ha!

Then I read how the planet Uranus was first named George. Huhn. So. I guess it was the knowledge that in classrooms everywhere children would twitter whenever the teach would say, “And the planet Uranus…” *twitter twitter wink wink – did you hear that, she said ur-anus…twitter twitter*… no one thinks George is very funny or even very interesting – sorry George’s of the world – it’s a perfectly fine name, just not for a planet I suppose.

What kinds of places do you like to browse? Any funny or interesting sites you want to share?

Okay, I need to get to work now -but first, I’ll come round visting!

(I have a story up, too *smiling* on Sotto Voce…something a little different from my usual.)


18 thoughts on “On the day that I was born….la la la tee dah…

  1. I wake up by drinking coffee and reading blogs. It seems like I can lose myself in the words of so many…very fascinating to me…kind of like people watching but I learn so much in what I read. Due to my little people I don’t get a chance to do much more than this but if for some reason I have extra time in my day, I will usually search out things of interest to me such as parenting…lol! Have a great day! Lori

  2. Blogs are the best invention since heiroglyphics, and great for solitary hermits like me. How else would I get to laugh so uproarously every day?!Personally, with a moon in Scorpio, the least said the better… Though it backs up my watery Pisces, lets me delve deep into things, and have a specialy afinity withy ages past.

  3. For me, it’s all about Digg front page submissions on my Google home page. That stupid site gets me distracted so often. I will log in, look at my little google reader thing, and then before I know it I am looking at the top ten stupidest cakes of all time, or something just as equally time wasting. If you haven’t added that to your google home page… don’t do it!

  4. Oh yes, that horoscope describes you.Happy Birthday. (By the way, don’t I remember you saying something about a feeling you had that 2009 would bring good things––you were right)Hope everyone will go check out and vote for your story at Sotto Voce.1957––you’re still just a kid!

  5. As soon as wake up, I turn on my laptop, check the world news, read my email, check my blog comments, read the bloggers that have commented on my blog, try to read my “followers” blogs, and try my hardest to think of something interesting to blog about….which isn’t easy. I also like to browse a few blogs that I stumble across each day.

  6. LOL! I’m fascinated with anything really. When i was little I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Encyclopedia… now that I’m much older I find google is just as exciting and even more addicting! LOL! I’ll look up anything i want to learn about.

  7. i love your blog and am now follwoing you like the other 39-you are inspirational for sure. Giant Chicken?if youa re not already a vegetarian I would say the Universe is telling you to consider it !Lisa xx

  8. Kat, Kat, Kat!! Whoa lady, I izzz so proud of your story, a beautiful, haunting and very visual oiece… I teared up AND YES< I VOTED…twice. ; )Aside, I submitted a memoir essay and two poems, crosses!

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