Right now.

What is happening right now….
Two cars trying to get up our mountain road on the other side of the cove – tires spinning and squealing – the car enging roaring and sputtering, the cars slipping and sliding — we see them and can hear them in the darkening sky across the cove…will they make it? will they end up in the ditch, or worse, off the side and into the creek below? I still hear them…
A fire in the fireplace.
not quite fat dog snoring near the fire. the ghost of my good old girl fat dog lying at my feet.
The news is on.
The cars have finally stopped roaring – either they made it up…or they didn’t.
We go on the porch again to check.
My just published short story in sotto voce is here My handsome friend Adnan Mahmutovic talked about it here
My friend Nanette Croce’s SV story is here 
 I have an author photo for the book…I look -…smoothhhhherrrrr – no forehead butt! Notice the wolf necklace – awoooooooooooo.

 Last night I forgot to add the other photo my photographer friend Christy Bishop took that didn’t make the cut with Bellebooks publishers, for some reason (laughing) I wonder why….

6 thoughts on “Right now.

  1. Katty, L.O.V.E. the author photo!!!!!!! Every pic of you (not there are many) shows a different facet…each one beautiful and unique, just like you and your writing. :) Huggggggs

  2. Kat, I would totally buy a book which had such an author`s photo, but then, I`m a bit odd ; )I also love the wolf howl, cool.

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