I see friends shaking cyber-hands, saying how dee do…

I had so much fun with the guess that song/singer book give away -I’m going to have to do something like that again soon. But, Lawd! Mr. Twinkley Eyed postman is going to wonder about me! Sending lumpy envelopes all over nationally and internationally. I was happy for the donation of books by Bellebooks! Thing is, the more I mailed my rocks and buckeyes all over the place, the happier I felt. Pieces of my mountain going here, there, and yonder. Makes me smile knowing someone opens an envelope, takes out a rock, looks at it and thinks of my ancient mountains; or, takes out a buckeye and rubs the smooth seed with their thumb, maybe putting it in their pocket for good luck.

I’m leaving this with you. One of my favorite songs – and just how I’m feeling right this moment… and I couldn’t figure out how to get it embedded here in a post, so…sit in your favorite chair with your coffee, or whatever, and watch with me:


12 thoughts on “I see friends shaking cyber-hands, saying how dee do…

  1. i LOVE your blog and it is so funny how quickly it has becoem a part of my morning ritual. Dian has delevered rocks to send to you and tomorrow, i do the post office thing and theya re on their way.love to you kathryn, YOU renewed my interest in blogging – the angels must have sent you xx

  2. Man, Kat. I have just GOT to do a better blog reading job. I have missed so many good posts from you. And a contest! A whole dang contest! Poop.I’m at work right now (shh! the gestapo will get so worked up about where I am on the internets) so I can’t see the youtube video, but I have a feeling it’s my favorite Louis Armstrong song. Louis Armstrong’s voice makes me smile.

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