Book Give-away day 3: where in the world is Kat ?

I have left Good Man Roger!

Oh, it’s not what you think – I’ve only left him in the little log house, rocking on the porch to wait for me – so I could make a little journey. So my friends, if I can’t always stop by to visit you, you will know why! I love a good road trip….

The name of its capital city is oftimes changed where three letters are replaced to call it HOT____…

State Insect
Honey bee
State Reptile
Gopher tortoise
State Fish
Largemouth bass
State Shell
Knobbed whelk
Plant Symbols:
State Flower
Cherokee rose(Rosa laevigata)
State Wildflower
State Tree
Live oak

Where am I?


8 thoughts on “Book Give-away day 3: where in the world is Kat ?

  1. I have no idea but I would like to know where you are since I want to send you that letter!! :D Already e-mailed you via but in case it thinks I’m spam or something. Can’t read your complete return address on the envelope!!

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