Louisiana…Louisiana, they’re oaks are washin away, their cypress are washing away

I am in Louisiana! Where our wonderful Gumbo Writer is. I have been fed and fed and fed. I’m about to burst wide open with all the food they’ve “forced” me to eat (teehee). Shrimp Poboy, crawfish pie, King’s Cake, Grilled Shrimp, etc etc etc etc! Just had lunch with Angie (Gumbo Writer) another friend, and my son and his fiance (who are also visiting here from Oregon).

It’s 75 degrees today and will be 80 tomorrow – wow. Spring weather!

I’ve barely opened my laptop…..Soon, I’ll be back to my regular schedule…..
Also, give me a bit of time to announce the winner of the two books; I will be doing that soon, but I feel as if I’m actually on a real vacation.
(And hey, I just realized! …It’s my birthday today!)
In the photos, you can see where the last hurricane, Gustav, has sickened the trees – it is winter, yes; but, the live oaks, which stay green all year, look stressed….so do some of the other trees.


20 thoughts on “Louisiana…Louisiana, they’re oaks are washin away, their cypress are washing away

  1. NANNER NANNER BOO BOO! I got the Kathryn woman captured here in Gumbo Land and may never let her geaux!! :)HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY…wish all of you bloggy friends could be here too for food, fun and real time with friends!

  2. Dear Kat, Happy Birthday! You share your special day with one of our other brilliant blogging friends, Amy Nathan! And, thanks for the pics – pretty darn awesome. OK, Angie – I’m waiting for a personal invite – the food sounds like it’s to die for!

  3. So beautiful down there! My hubby worked in New Orleans two summers ago, helping with Katrina clean up. We visited him while he was down there, and I wish I’d had more time to take in the beauty. And I’d take some of that weather, too!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Well, happy birthday little lady! If I had known, I would have baked a cake and eaten it:)I’m jealous of you and Angie. Can we plan our little get-together soon?

  5. The food Kat describes is everyday fare here. Throw in Lent and we get to eat even more seafood. Again, have to take one for the team. Enjoy the weather. Oren

  6. What a great way to spend a birthday! I’m envying your great time with Angie. Love your photos. Are those cormorants in the last one? What about the soaring birds?

  7. Your tree photos of my luscious state are beautiful. I hadn’t seen the state capitol since they cut down the mighty old Oak there. It almost made me cry to see it looking so bare….My daughter had her wedding photos taken under it. I’ve lived in Louisiana all of my life. I’ll never tire of its unique, mysterious beauty. I’ll be looking for your book. I’m a prolific reader. Enjoy your trip. I’m glad you got to visit the most beautiful state in the Union. :-)

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