Catfish are jumpin into plates, ole black water, mississippi moon.

WE HAVE A WINNER! Barbara at Serenity Gate wins the two books (from the list above) of her choice. Barbara – please email me and give me your address again — I may still have your address in my files on this computer, but I may not. Mr. Good Man Roger can email your books to you if I’m not home soon!

We have two second place winners — Sandra Leigh and Blue Violet – so if y’all will send me your mailing addresses via the hotmail email, I will send you just a little something when I get back to my mountain (when will that be? oh, I do not know! Poor Good Man Roger and Fat Labrador Jake are missing their Wolf Kat!).

My Worry News is that my beloved Frank – my mother’s husband, who is like a second Father to me is very ill and needs surgery. They are moving him to Dallas to have the surgery. I will be leaving the Grandfather Oaks Spanish Moss Kings Cake Shrimp Poboy Beautiful People Warm Humid Air Springs Already Here land of South Louisiana and heading to TexasLand to be with my family – my mother & Frank, my father, my brother, my neices, etc, all live there – and once there I will support and hope that Frank comes through the surgery okay.

So again, I must ask you all to have patience with me as I am not in my regular routine and schedule on my mountain – I am going to try to take some time to visit you all before things get hectic again. I thank you all for your kind comments and for the fun and joy and smiles you bring as I read your comments – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU *MUWAH!*
Please keep Frank in your thoughts, your vibes, your prayers – whatever you believe, I believe it all helps in the energies in the air towards Texasland and my Frank and mom.

9 thoughts on “Catfish are jumpin into plates, ole black water, mississippi moon.

  1. I will pray for Frank, your mom and you. It is hard to be away from home – no matter how much fun you are having when away. I’ll take care of the mountains – you take care of your family there:)

  2. I will definitely put Frank (and you) in my prayers. I’ll be thinking about you at this stressful and difficult time too! Thank you so much for the 2nd prize win in your contest. How fun! I’ll shoot you my email now. Have a great weekend.

  3. *WAHHHHHHHHH* Don’t leave! Well, okay, I won’t be greedy since Mr. Frank needs you, but darn it, visit was too short. (Thanks for going to see Mom with me today. So sweet, and she said to tell you she loves you.) :) Traveling mercies, and prayers for your loved one. ((((((Kat))))))

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