My good friends – I will be in Texas sometime this evening. Keep my family in your thoughts that everything goes well with our Frank.

I will miss my friends here – that’s always the hardest part of leaving. I miss my mountain, too – the creek, the ridgetops, the distant Grandfather and Grandmother mountain, the hawks cry, the clean air – all of it calling me Home, but I must delay, for family comes first.
So — I need to pack. To say goodbyes. To do what I do to get on the road.

Be back later with any news….thank you all for continuing to stop by and also for commenting even though I’ve been away so much!

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  1. Pennsylvania prayers are going out to you, Frank, and your entire family. Hang in there and don’t be afraid to lean on each other. Please give Frank a hug from me, and keep us posted.;-)

  2. Hope all goes well for Frank, and my thoughts are with you. Wave when you come through Texas, I’m down in the Southeast corner, east of Houston, an hour from the Gulf. I’ll throw a barbecued crab your direction.

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