Mountain Momma, take me home oh boopmobile…

It is a quiet Monday morning.

In the blurred photo (I was laughing as I held the camera up and snapped the photo) you can see Angie Gumbo Writer, our friend Cynthia, and just my eyes peeking out from below – laughing. Hi Angie! My last evening there, we went to a Mexican restaurant.

I am looking out of Mom’s window at a beautiful redbud tree, at a feral kitten eating the breakfast I placed out on the patio, at the inside cats mom has rescued and is looking for good homes (yes, my brothers and I are now calling our mom The Cat Lady! lawd! laughing…), at my cup of coffee, my cell phone in case the hospital calls (for now I’m not staying 24 hours at the hospital as I did for a little while–but Mom is still there), at a blackbird flying across a grayed sky, at my hands that are strong and nimble-fingered yet are not smoothed by youth as you can see from the photo I took whilst driving to Louisiana on the 19th; yes, i’m weird like that-taking a photo of my hand while driving…teehee (a woman in her fifties is not considered young, but we are not old either – we are tweeners).

If things progress as they are, and it seems as if they will, I will be home later this week. Perhaps on my travels home, you will see my Boopmobile (and you will know what I mean if you see it). If you do, honk honk at me!

I have not been home since February 19th! So long gone from my mountain cove at Killian Knob! I wonder if the Mountain Spirits miss me?

I haven’t forgotten to send the second place winners of the book give-away their mountain thought, but I haven’t been home to do it! But, Barbara, your books should be on their way, if not there by now! I hope to have another give-away later, once I am settled back in. (And, Marie T – no! I haven’t been home yet- but will ask GMR if I have mail! *smiling*)
I went to the Bellebooks site, and it seems there is a “buy now” button for Tender Graces! I emailed Bellebooks to see if this was a pre-order thing and if anyone can pre-order it whenever, etc. Of course, it wouldn’t be ready to be shipped to anyone until it is ready to go to print, and we’re not yet ready for printing (but close so close!). That did make it seem so much more real! Of course, it will be available other places, too, but that time has not come yet.
Fat bluejay at the cat’s bowl outside, flying away with a chunk of food in his mouth. The photo is of the Big oppossum who comes to Mom’s door every night looking for food. I went outside to refresh the water, and he didn’t even move, just kept eating. ha! I took the picture from inside through the window, though, so it’s blurry.

Last night I dreamed all but a few of my followers had left me – isn’t it funny how y’all can even enter my dreams *smiling* — I was so upset at the loss of friends, but I can’t recall the outcome.

(Debbie – I am so ready for our meeting, too! lawd! fresh mountain air, singing creeks, grandfather and grandmother mountains cradling, a skyline of mystery and beauty and awe, mists gathering, silent cove, my rocks …)
Oh! yes — PS! – My friend TechBelle has about finished my new website! I’m loving it – she did a wonderful job. Stop by and take a look, see what you think. We’re going to add a “contact Kat” button, and maybe later some other things: *smiling*

16 thoughts on “Mountain Momma, take me home oh boopmobile…

  1. Still think of Frank here in the Midwest.I’m sure you can’t believe the release date is so near. We’re here to rejoice with you! And, to continue following you. ;)

  2. OMG, Kat – the website is BEAUTIFUL! You must be so excited! Tender Graces is going to make quite the splash in a few more weeks. (Sorry, didn’t mean to get those butterflies going again!) May you have a safe journey back home to your sacred mountains.

  3. Hi, Kat. I love your website, especially the link to your published works. As for Tender Graces – I am excited for you! Bon voyage. Drive carefully. Boopmobile? That calls for a photo, I say. ;>)

  4. Hi Kat,Odd to say I miss you since I never see you, but still it feels like you are away. Things doin’ here. You may have received my group e-mail. Will be in touch when you get back.

  5. Now I just had to come back and tell you what a gorgeous thing that website is! It is a vision. Love the photo of you. And the pages about you are great – they just exude your wit and charm.

  6. Wahhhhh, me want more time in the restaurant. Caint ya just come back through here on your way back up yonder to yore mountain? LOLDo love your new site. Great job to the webmistress. Hey, I have a photo of you and the Boopmobile I took while there in October, so you better watch your Ps & Qs or I'll post it all over the Internet. mwaahahahahaha!

  7. I can hardly wait to get my hands on your book! I love the photo of your hand and the fact that you called us tweeners. So much better than late middle age – or OLD as my kids say often.Hope you’re home soon, and that Frank continues to be okay.This is a lovely post – there’s a yearning buried in there.

  8. Not to worry, you’re a sure thing and we’ll still be here. I’ve really missed your everyday mountain magic! Wellness to all where you leave from, traveling mercies on your journey back! I am one of many awaiting your book!

  9. ((Kat))) we wouldn’t leave you! Ugh, my hands have looked a hundred years old since age eight! Lovers the website. I’m excited for you aas I do the count down dance with you!safe trip and blessings along the way. gave the rock a rub for ya1 : D

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