Surgeries, and chicken soup, and pre-orders of Tender Graces – Oh My!

I am still in Texas – I have found that this self-indulgent chaotic reclusive writer can actually step outside of herself and "nurse" others. What do you know, huh? Frank is doing better from his heart valve surgery, but now must have a pacemaker. My brother Tommy is having minor surgery tomorow. I have made lots of jello and pudding and soup!
I hope to be by to visit you all today while I have a moment of quiet. Thanks for your support *smiling*
I’m happy to say that Bellebooks is now taking pre-orders for Tender Graces straight from the BB publishers- I’ve sold a few books and that’s such a weird strangling feeling…but a wonderful one.
My friend TechBelle has completed my new website at and I love it!
In mere weeks, Tender Graces will be released – and I will hold a copy in my hands – smell the pages – think about those of you who will be reading it and wondering if you love my Virginia Kate. Dreams do come true.
Now, I must go back to the work of helping. I even made some pretty good chicken soup yesterday! wheeee!
I next want to check on our Stephen Rowe.

7 thoughts on “Surgeries, and chicken soup, and pre-orders of Tender Graces – Oh My!

  1. ooh, can\’t wait to see the new website! and can\’t wait to preorder my book! and can\’t wait to hold it in my hands!(but 2 surgeries in 1 family? that\’s just silly!) (but i\’m glad frank is doing well. and a speedy recovery to mr. tommy.)

  2. How nice you are to nurse your family members — make chicken soup, etc. Nothing better for those who are ill, or those who care for the ill, than having a meal brought in or cooked for them.How exciting to have your book almost in your hands.

  3. I like that idea of holding and smelling the book. Good for you. I\’m off to pre-order my copy. I\’m so excited.Blessed be

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