On the road again, soon I’ll be on the road again….

(All I got was the arse-end, but this is a neighbor’s horse and rider in my mom’s neighborhood….)

My friends! I have my first review of Tender Graces! I cried when I read it. I’m posting it here quickly, and then going to try to go visit. Soon Soon I’ll be on the road back home. Home.

Kitties had another Kitty Party when I went to Mom’s. Lawd, those feline brats! They jumped into the “mother in law tongue” plant, pulled out a load of dirt, and spread it about. They had their kitty toys all over the place, they had their food bowls in four different rooms and one of their water bowls spilled out and pulled into the next room. *laughing* I cleaned it all up and just shook my head…snirk, bad kitties.
Frank had a “spell” yesterday, but it was “just” the pacemaker — they adjusted it and though he didn’t make it home today as we hoped, he will by tomorrow. Brubber Thom is feeling much better and getting around okay. So, my time here should about be at an end. Soon I’ll be home home HOME!
Here is the review of Tender Graces–you’ll maybe see why I cried; I mean, they dreamed about it after they read it…. *sob* — a wonderful review, and I’m proud of it, because I adore libraries and libarians – anything to do with a Library…libraries were my sanctuary for so very long and I still cannot walk in one without feeling overwhelming calm, safety, and nostalgia. Thank you to this Ms. Laird–I hope to meet her one day and shake her hand.


Poignant, heart wrenching, heartwarming, haunting. When I finished the book, I dreamed of it; TENDER GRACES stays with you.

The cover of the review copy uses the phrase “gentle yet unflinching.” A perfect phrase for this coming of age Southern novel.

I can see, feel, smell the settings in West Virginia…they are wonderful. Since I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kathryn Magendie captures the “southernness” of Baton Rouge.

[Tender Graces] makes my heart weep with sorrow and joy.

Mary Laird, MLIS, Library Consortium Analyst
LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network


16 thoughts on “On the road again, soon I’ll be on the road again….

  1. Brought a tear to my old jaded eye too! PS……I hear kitties love playing in the dry bathtub all day! Try it. LOL. Thoughts of home and prayers for Frank & T coming y'alls' way.

  2. Glad the family is coming around. Never easy. Congrats on the review. Looking forward to reading the entire book. Glad you had a good visit here.Oren

  3. Well, a big *muwah* back atcha, Kathryn. It surely seems as though you deserve one or two. Not so many as to anger good man R, though. Very proud to know a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Woot!

  4. To think of touching someone so deeply with your writing! What an incredible accomplishment, Kathryn. That was certainly a heartfelt review.

  5. I can hardly wait to return to read more! I love your blog. I cannot tell you how much it reminds me of how I lived growing up! I think I would never want to live that way again, but am so glad I did and will always hold those memories in my heart! Take care, Friens.

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