Take me Home, oh winding roads….Home

My friends – I am Home to Killian Knob in my little mountain cove with the creek singing. I feel as if I’m still dreaming a bit – such is the surreal feeling when one has been gone too long.
I have much to tell, but since I need to concentrate on those Galley Proofs, catching up, visiting a bit, et-cetera, I think I will make this a short post to say: home home home; I am home.
I also will have a guest tomorrow – Brian of Eazy Cheezy will be here. I love his site and all its resources – he’s fun and personable and I could go on, but I’ll let you all get to know him tomorrow, if you haven’t already been by his place and come to know him! I want to have other guests, and will get round that soon as my head clears from its discombobulation.
More later – need a mountain walk to clear my head.
I will always love you all for all your thoughts and prayers and vibes and energies and love while my family went through all this…
Back later – tomorrow Eazy Cheezy, then I return~…
PS — I just opened packages of Pure Sunshine and Love and Happiness – you know what I’m talking about to those who do — I am smiling – I want to pour over everything carefully and I’ll be emailing you all …. I am smiling so wide.

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  1. Welcome Home, Mountain Mama! Now, an Irish blessing:May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door, and happiness be with you nowand bless you evermore!

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