Guest Blogger: Kim Richardson, Author of The Unbreakable Child

Hi. Kimmi here from over at Writer in Waiting filling in for Kat while she’s busy getting her wonderful book, Tender Graces, ready for us! Go Kat!!

I’m thinking about Spring today. Winter’s brutal is all but gone as I look out my window and see color. Yellows, green, green and more green. Bold red and blues from the cardinals and blue jays. Lovely colors!



10 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Kim Richardson, Author of The Unbreakable Child

  1. Hey, Kat! Hey, Kimmi! I’m thinking of green because it’s all around me here in Louisiana. And because I’m visualizing it coming to you when your books hit the bookshelves next month. Wheeeeee! Huggage to both. :)

  2. Spring is not in a hurry this year in my neck of the woods. The snow is pulling back and tulip leaves are pushing out of the ground, but it’s still mostly dreary. BUT I do have tiny bright yellow crocuses beside my front step, those few that the squirrels’ rapacity has spared.So my spring is sulfur yellow.

  3. I was going to say “Janet must be my neighbour”, but I checked, and she’s back in Ontario. I’m on Vancouver Island in B.C., and Spring is taking its time out here, as well. There are some snowdrops (white), and purple crocuses, but even our ubiquitous green is rather faded and grey this year. I imagine that in a week or two, Spring will bust out all over, and we’ll have more colours than we can take in, but for now, our island is huddling against the cold.

  4. My color for spring is green, green, green. It is my favorite color and then you throw in pink and yellow and I’m in heaven. I love to see the trees with the fuzz of green popping out right now. It just takes my breath away to know the colors will be bursting all over soon.

  5. While it has warmed up here some, it is still white from snow and the grass is still brown…and it’s muddy and water sitting in area’s. Everything is dirty outside. No colors yet but we are still hoping that instead of more snow coming that Spring will come instead!

  6. while our woods are still grey and drab, I have bulbs pushing up and forsythia blooming. Pear trees have been gorgeous here. My spring color is the safron of “yellow bells” and daffodils.And I look forward to the green leaves of the hardwoods in the woods.

  7. Two of my favorite ladies in one blog! That is a great thing.Spring is popping out everywhere, isn’t it? I have a lovely riot of colors here – yellow, purple, blue, green, red. A tie-dyed yard:)

  8. My world is still SNOW white. I am looking forward to the green of spring and the pink blooms on my plum tree.I can’t wait to read both of your books!

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