Signing party, books, reviews, newsletter …I best get crackin’ my own whip!

Oh, it’s really close y’all….mere weeks….before the book has gone to print.
Bellebooks has said I am getting pre-orders daily, so that’s good! *smiling* Thank you everyone.
And, I have my first signing party! Osondu Booksellers is sponsoring a booksigning party at the bookstore on April 17, 7-9 pm. It’s reservation only, and she’ll have champagne, and there will be food! If you are in the Waynesville, NC area and want to be there, please call Osondu Booksellers and reserve a spot! I think it would be mightily cool if I could meet blogger friends there.
Right now, I’m done with the galley proof and have seen the final cover images (!!oh!!). I’m working on the Rose & Thorn newsletter. Also working on some book reviews: Kerry Madden’s children’s books: Gentle’s Holler, Louisiana’s Song, and Jessie’s Mountain — good books for kids and my first time to review children’s books. They’ll go on the R&T MySpace page. Now I’m reading Angela Dove’s No Room For Doubt and I’ll be reviewing that one next.
I just ordered "The Unbreakable Child" by Kim Richardson….and The Green Guide to Daily Living by Megan Roth –
What are you reading?  (I hope one day you answer that question with "Tender Graces!" *grin*)

5 thoughts on “Signing party, books, reviews, newsletter …I best get crackin’ my own whip!

  1. Dear Kathryn, The photograph really gave me a great big smile! Would love to be at the signing but previous orders from the VA will have me keeping appointments elswhere. One day, some way, I will get that hug and after some big smiles and good tears some very good words will be spoken. Get back to work! Smile!And as ever be well

  2. I can\’t imagine your happiness and smiling. Not that I don\’t understand it, but I just don\’t seem able to get my head wrapped around what a wonderful and well deserved experience this is for you. Wat to go, Kat!Peace, Doc

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