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This was taken at the Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade back in February – good lawd, these South Louisianians are something else *LAUGH*! If you are ever in Baton Rouge at the Mardi Gras time, check out this parade…tamer than New Orleans, but no less crazy!

Friday is links day. I’ll be coming round today to visit you all. A storm is rising up on the mountain – so if you don’t see me, it’s because internet connection is knocked out due to wind and rain and the power of nature slamming into the cove. The sky is darkening as I write this – a heavy black thundercloud hovers, pushing down down into the cove. Thunder thundered. The chimes are signaling a picking up wind. Soon, the dark will push all the way down and the rain will pummel the earth, the trees, the ridges, the little log house. I love a good storm….as long as everyone is safe inside, as I will be.

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Cake Wrecks – a blog about funny/strange/weird cakes!

Novel Journey

My handsome friend Adnan Mahmutovic’s novella is out at Cantarabooks – check it out!

For those of you agent hunting, here are a couple of sites to check out (oh, there goes the thunder again!) Lit Match and 1000 Literary Agents.

The Boomer Women Speak forums is a nice supportive place to visit. PS! just got an email from NABBW – become a fan of NABBW on Facebook.
I just found The Read on WNC – it’s based here in our mountains, but it’s an interesting site and I’m sure anyone can join in on the discussions.

Distant thunder, close thunder….the dark is down and has mixed with the light to make gray- but it is beautiful. I await the storm. There is silence suddenly, that pause before it all breaks loose…

Happy Good Friday to you all….Happy Friday. Happy Day. Happy Hour. Happy Minute. Happy Second: Happy Right Now.


8 thoughts on “A Link Link Here and a Site Site There!

  1. lovely to hear from you- great picture- i would love a storm about now- enjoy your break Kat- its going to be a busy year my friend xx

  2. Kat, I love the storms . . . The light, the quiet, the whipped up wind, the darkening, the boom and shaking and then the letting loose and glorious downpour from the Heavens to Mother Earth . . . that’s when I run outside and twirl and laugh . . .Exquisite photo . . .Happy Good Friday to you! and happy full moon.

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