Tender Graces….Tomorrow….and first signing on Friday!

12 Apr
The time has finally arrived. I am both excited and terrified. Shipments of Tender Graces begin to go out tomorrow, so anyone who has pre-ordered should receive their copy next week. I hope you asked for a signed bookplate — I tried to make them as personal as I could and not just sign my name. If you get one without a signed bookplate and want one, just email me (that is, unless somehow I will be in your area or you in mine and I sign it personally; wouldn’t that be fun!). If you have pre-ordered: thank you; I appreciate you. If you didn’t or couldn’t, that is okay, too — not everyone out there has to buy my book *laughing* — but, wouldn’t it be grand if everyone did …Ha! *laughing*
This Friday the 17th from 7-9PM is my first signing to be held at Osondu Booksellers. It’s a "reception" by reservation where we’ll have champagne and some party foods. I get so nervous that I’ll show up and no one will be there, or the books will be messed up in some way — I dream about it and it’s all a bit funny in its own way.
I am in touch with some other bookstores and book festivals and libraries. I’m not doing a huge grand tour all over the place, first time unknown authors rarely do that (actually, hardly any authors, even well-known ones, do book signing tours any longer). However, I am going to do them where I can, and as well, I hope to visit book clubs where I can, too. I’m hoping to donate to libraries where I can, too. Let’s support our libraries! They need us! Our indie booksellers need us, too.
What I can only hope for is that people read my book and love it and email me to tell me so. To tell me their favorite character(s) or scene(s); to tell me what something meant to them or to ask me if something is one of my secret nuggets (teehee).
I just finished an interview with a local publication and that will be exciting to see! The reviews are starting to come in and so far so good on those. The wheels are turning turning turning.
yes, it is happening….I am humbled and filled with gratitude (mixed with that terrified anxious feeling!)
This photo below makes me laugh — both Good Man Roger and I covering our faces at the same time the camera snapped our image! It was taken at a theater party, thus the froo froo on my collar and sleeves (teehee) … Happy Day to you all —

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  1. Gumbo April 12, 2009 at 11:44 am #

    I\’d pay a pretty penny to be there on the 17th!!! Can\’t wait to get my copies. :)

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