Over here over here, Kat’s book hit the dusty trails…

These images are blurry – guess why? because I’m hopping around like a crazed bunny (see Easter image in Easter post below)….and, if you feel comfortable, send me a photo of you with Tender Graces – let me know whether it is okay to post it here — feel free to hide behind the book as I have done…(hey, my hair was wild, I had no make up on, I had a pimple on my chin…laughing)…The book arrival: (teeheehee) and I took photos of my bookshelf before and after and before and after *laugh* I will upload a non-blurry photo of me reading my own book – just to show you I can do it, too — haw! (and I opened VK Book 2 yesterday – at first I was going “UGH UGH – it’s CRAP it’s SH****T UGH!…but then, I found it…found VK, found the pace, found the voice, found my way — oh, how exciting! VK falls in Love – oh oh…No No NO VK…NO….alas, she won’t listen to Andy or Bobby, she won’t listen to Grandma Faith – she won’t listen to Miss Darla — *sigh* and she certainly doesn’t listen to me because I do not exist!)


21 thoughts on “Over here over here, Kat’s book hit the dusty trails…

  1. Congratulations! I would have jumped all over the UPS if it was my book. *um, are you sniffing the cover? Not that there is anything wrong in taking in deep that oh-so-good new book smell*

  2. Good lord, get an escalator put in.That’s a two pee stop set of stairs if i ever saw one or at least put a urnal in half way.The guys will love you for it and the girls…..oh why not, everyone has to have some fun once in a while so they’ll give it a go to I bet.I am sure you are excited having Tender Graces on your shelve.Congratulations again.Oh…and that’s not pretending to read.That’s hiding your chocolate covered face after nervously eating half a choclate cake while waiting for the USP guy or gal to show up.

  3. YAY!!! I’m so very excited for you and hope that this will be a day you remember forever! I just got the chance to order my own copy, so I am sitting here in eager anticipation of it’s arrival!!

  4. I started it! I was going to wait till night, but couldn’t, so I read the first chapter and then had to run off for life to drag me around. I’m in awe. You are one talented writer, girl!And I’m a little intimidated by those steps.

  5. Oh! and I made my husband pick up the book so HE could say he held a book of a published author I know.He gave me a look that said I needed medicating, but he did it anyway. I’ll try to take a pic tonight.

  6. I am ordering mine next week….if I were a delivery man I would be leaving all your parcels at the bottom of those deadly stairs!Sooooo exciting Kat!

  7. I am so excited for you!!! Did you hug the UPS man? I can’t wait until I get to order my book and then I promise to take a picture. Happy day Kat!

  8. Look at that smiling UPS lady walking up a mountain carrying heavy books. I hope you gave her a glass of tea or something. She earned her keep!And good for you taking photos of your book shelves. You’re just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

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