Oh, what a wonderful night!

The book signing party at Osondu Bookseller was a success! I am so humbled and happy.
I had a Huge surprise, too….one of our own bloggers – the beautiful vivacious sparkling eyed Kathleen of Katsoup came to the signing! Bless her, and her husband, drove from Georgia to attend. I was astounded and overwhelmed with gratitude!
I posted some photos on facebook and on the Tender Graces blog. Below is the photo of Kathleen and I – *smiling*
I couldn’t be happier – I can’t tell how many attended, but I was pleased and happy with the response. Some came early and had to leave, some came later after the champagne toast, some stayed the whole time – but it was such a blur of excitement, I just know that my friends were there, that there were more people that I imagined (I had told Good Man Roger: "please, just let there be at least 10 people there…." well, there were more than 10 people there *laughing*
I woke up this morning with a big smile on my tired but happy face. No matter what happens from here on out, I have reached my goal: I wanted to see my book published, I wanted to have a first signing party, I wanted to sign my book for beautiful friends, I wanted my family to have my book — all done. Everything else is just icing on a big beautiful cake – which I’m also posting a photo of Christy L. Bishop’s cake – she’s chef/owner of Sugar Buzz and this cake was so GORGEOUS!
Ha! I have pen in hand! *smiling* Look at Kathleen’s sparking eyes (and can I please have that beautiful blond hair!)
cake by Sugar Buzz (Christy L. Bishop, owner chef)
signing hand! full of ink! laughing….

13 thoughts on “Oh, what a wonderful night!

  1. Love it! What a wonderful event for a wonderful author and friend. Yeah, Smile!As ever be well

  2. oh great kathryn ………………..simply fantabulous…………………………….nice to see your dream come true………….tender graces i wonder if we could get a copy of it here………

  3. Even a photo of your ink-stained signing hand! Great. Love your enthusiasm and I\’m so glad it\’s all going well.

  4. It\’s wonderful news and I\’m very happy for you. I bet your face have ink stained toolol!Keeping smile!Michiko

  5. Kathryn, I did want to go, but couldn\’t make it this time. JC and I talked about you and I\’m sure she was there. Thanks for sharing your excitement and success with all of us who are wishing you the very best with this book. I love following your steps in this publishing and marketing process.I posted on marketing tonight on http://www.netwestwriters.blogspot.comLet me know if you agree with what I said.

  6. Congratulations! You\’ve worked hard for this well earned success. Wish I could have been there :-)Be well,J.

  7. I had a great time meeting you. I am going to finish up the book tonight. I LOVE IT! I hope you have plans for a Tender Graces II. It is a page turner. I am going to order another book to loan out to friends. I want to promote it but, they are NOT borrowing mine! I wrote about my trip last night on my blog.

  8. Kathleen! Oh, I\’m so glad you love it — I am on pins and needles waiting to hear if people love it *laugh!* eeek argh obbssessesss….I just saw I have another five stars on amazon reviews…haw! I said I wouldn\’t obsessssssssss about that, but I keep checking it ….haw!I loved meeting you – hey, I just need to copy and paste this onto your comments instead of rambling on here..huhn!

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