Fa la la la la la la tee dahhhhhh!

My feet are cold. Just thought I’d share that. La la la tee dah…. do do doo …teetle dee…dum ta dum….fa la la la la la la la LA!
Oh? what am I doing, you ask? Welllllll – I’m procrastinating! I was rocking along with VKBook2 and then it all fell apart. I just went “Huh?”

You see, when I first wrote VK – that Really Rough Draft of long ago, I wrote 200,000 words in a fury–it was …well, it was AWESOME, even if the novel sucked and needed much work. Because I was writing and writing and writing my very very first novel ever, and all because Angie Ledbetter prodded me (bless her bless her!).
I later took half of that manuscript and worked on it – let Virginia Kate’s voice shine through, and the end result is Tender Graces. Well, the other half was long put away. I took it out once a few years ago and worked on it, but I didn’t remember how far I’d gone into the story. Until today. Yup, I saw how far I last was. It is obvious. There is an obvious LINE of “Good Virginia Kate,” and “Bad stilted yucky bleah gork barf Virginia Kate.” I mean, from one chapter ending to the next chapter beginning is so very different. It’s quite interesting to see. It shows the growth. It shows all kinds of things I could teach in a class! I could take that manuscript and point to the Before and After and we could discuss the processes that brought it to one point from the other.
So, lots of work to do. I am considering just trashing everything from that LINE forward and again letting VK speak through me and tell her story…yes! EUREKA! The stuff after the LINE isn’t her. It sounds more like, well, more like ME (I hadn’t gotten out of the way yet)…it may make another book somewhere down the road, but not this book. Not my Virginia Kate. I do think putting my fingers to the keys and letting Virginia Kate and all the other characters tell their story will be much better than trying to keep any of the stuff after that LINE. I’ll take the stuff from the LINE on and put it up somewhere.
Oh, I’m so glad we had this talk! Thank you…teehee….now, back to work!

13 thoughts on “Fa la la la la la la tee dahhhhhh!

  1. I like your look! Very cool about the script changing so much… Having other books and stories inside. Hmm, I need to look at some of my old scripts. The first one especially which has a very problematic parallel story (I’m just going to take it out but hey, it might be worth something).I’m going to buy your book but is it possible to order a signed copy? Otherwise I’ll check with the ordinary online bookstores :)

  2. Wonderful that you've had a Eureka! moment, Kathryn. I'm glad to have been of service, too. Do I get a prize? Hint: Emily Post says "Chocolate is always acceptable." Or, if she didn't, she should have. ;>)

  3. Talking to yourself again I see.That’s what happens when you let your feet get cold.Roger get some blankets and some brandy.The brandy’s for you, she’s already talking to herself.

  4. Oooh, I love your new pic!!!So true about older manuscripts, writing etc. I got a peak at my second manuscript and wanted to shudder with horror. In fact, I’m afraid to read that thing. LOLHave fun with VK!

  5. Kathryn, I am so thrilled you stopped by to read my little “blurb” for Tender Graces. It in no way did justice to the book but I wanted to post something while it was fresh. As I told Deb at Bell Books, we are having out of state company this afternoon for a week and I know I won’t get much computer time. Your book is just fabulous! No other words for it. I loved it. I hope to see many more novels from you in the future.

  6. Having just met VK, I’m so happy to know that you’re going to be allowing her voice to come back into the world. She is a powerful and beautiful being I want to know better. Waiting. . . . :)

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