Scattered pictures…..


17 thoughts on “Scattered pictures…..

  1. The critters are: a red squirrel -that’s the bigger squirrel in shadow on the tree with the mountains in the distance.The tiny squirrel critter with the big eyes sitting on the feeder and another one on the tree is a flying squirrel.The critter down on the ground is Boo Boo the raccoon

  2. A raccoon came onto my screened porch last night and peed all over my chair cushion. We will be trapping some raccoons in the next few days. Do you all usually eat yours fried? (I’m just kidding, animal lovers. A little. Very little.)

  3. Great pics. If my bride could find work in Ashville/Brevard, we would be there. Sliding Rock is her favorite. Eldest son will be on Tenn side of mountains for summer work and fall internship.Oren

  4. The way our squirrels raid our bird feeder before any of the birds can get to it, I’m beginning to suspect we have flying squirrels too.However I’m told we don’t–and we don’t have those gorgeous sunsets either.

  5. We don’t have squirrels here in Cyprus but we do get fantastic sunsets. In the UK we had the Squirrels but no sun :) Great pics I enjoyed them, thanks for sharing.

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