Mountaintop Removal…

A form of coal mining –entire mountains are dynamited — more than 470 mountains already destroyed.

Help end Mountaintop Removal



4 thoughts on “Mountaintop Removal…

  1. Dear Kathryn, Of course I will do what I can to help with this effort when I get home. Have to leave for Danville again this afternoon and will not be home until late Thursday afternoon. VA stuff. Wish you a very Happy Mother\’s Day andas ever be well

  2. That\’s terrible. That\’s just downright sinful.Hope your Mother\’s Day is glorious. Sun is shining so pretty in Seattle today. How was your trip out for the wedding? Time flies when you\’re having fun, don\’t it?Blessed be

  3. thanks for this photo that really brings it home. I\’m going to invite you to post on Netwest and i hope you will mention this travesty here in these glorious mountains.

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