Shake that healthy butt….

Oh friends, I am tired and have so much to catch up on; however, the trip was lovely. My one regret was that I didn’t stay a little longer – it was too short a visit. And, since I was so busy with wedding things, I didn’t get to see Deb Shucka! (Deb- next time I come we will try to do this again.)

While in Oregon, Angie Gumbo Writer texted me to let me know my review of Tender Graces and the interview – both done by Greg Langley of the Baton Rouge Advocate were in the Sunday paper. Since they are also online, I will put the links here as well. He put me at ease and is a dear man; I felt quite special to have a review and interview by someone so well-respected.

Interview of Kat by Greg Langley
Review of Tender Graces by Greg Langley

I have to run — I need to get the Rose & Thorn Newlsetter out. I need to have the drawing for the book give-away–I will do that today and let you all know the winner by tomorrow. I need to work on VK2. I need to unpack the rest of my stuff. So many Need To’s – good lawd!

Here are some photos taken from the airplane. I’ll have photos and stories of the wedding soon – it was wonderful! The bagpiper was perfect, the kilts, the wedding vows, the Celtic handfast, Kat getting up and making a fool of herself to “Baby Got Back” at the reception (laughing), etc…more later!


8 thoughts on “Shake that healthy butt….

  1. Glad you had such a lovely time! Great pictures too. Try not to tire yourself out with all the need-to’s. Have a great one!

  2. Your week sounds like mine, Kat. May I suggest a long, soaky bubble bath with candlelight and soft music? (That will be my reward at the end of the week. I will, however, take daily showers between now and then – just in case you were wondering).

  3. Oh cool pics!Guess what I got in the mail today :)Thank you so much for the smile and now I know what a Tootsie Roll Pop is!xxxxxxxxx

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