Is everybody working for the weekend (and the Red Hat Society Ladies . . . )

19 Jun

While he was in the kitchen, I opened the photo album that set on the coffee table. I couldn’t get enough of photo albums. They told stories. The way a person looked at another, or didn’t look. The way they stood together or apart. The gleam in an eye, or the glitter in them. The set of a mouth, or the loose smile of one. Pictures told the true stories; all the moods and manners of people caught before they could hide it. And even if they tried to hide it, the truth was apparent in the moment the camera snapped its shutter closed. Sometimes ghosts were in the photos. They showed up as shiny orbs, or as misty shapes. I liked to study those, too. —Virginia kate, VK DRAFT book2

My luncheon with the Red Hat Society Ladies went well. I find it hard to talk about myself, though. I think that’s the hardest part for me to be an author, talking about myself. I tended to deflect and asked people things about themselves, and since all of the RHS ladies are also writers, that was easy enough to do. But it was a lovely lunch at the Herren House (a Bed & Breakfast) in Waynesville. Good food and wonderful company. I actually have a red cowboy hat that I bought while traveling with my brother Johnny and his (then) wife to the SC coast – we thought it was funny, that funny red cowboy hat. I never knew about the RHS back then. But I didn’t wear it yesterday because I forgot about it; however, the Ladies had their hats, or red bows on their head, or read hairbands . . . teeheehee -They looked so jaunty and bright.

Y’all have a great weekend! Any plans? What will you be doing? Let me live vicariously through you – ha!

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  1. smiles4u June 19, 2009 at 7:38 am #

    Sounds like a wonderful time with these ladies. These RHS sound like a fun time and such a hoot. I don't think you are going to want to live vicareously through me since my life is pretty simple these days with very little adventures except for jumping in mud puddles and battling imaginary monsters…lol. My day will come when my adventures can take me away from home.My weekend will include working for part of it which isn't as bad as it sounds since the lady I care for is very lovely. My job will be to create some fun for her which isn't a hard job for me…lol. Then it's trying to fit in the usual laundry, cleaning, cooking and whatever else needs to be done along with making fathers day special for my husband and of course there is keeping up with my little people.Have a great weekend Kat!

  2. NCmountainwoman June 19, 2009 at 2:02 pm #

    Oh, you don't want to live vicariously through me this weekend. It's too danged hot and humid to do much of anything.I'll stay in the cool house and read "Angel's Game," Carlos Riuz Zafon's newly translated book. I loved "The Shadow of the Wind" and this one is already promising.Have a great weekend yourself!

  3. Debbie June 19, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

    I've always been a little afraid of those ladies. Don't tell them though! That would scare me even more if I thought they knew.Hubby and youngest are headed up into our mountains to backpack. I'll hold the fort down here.

  4. Anonymous December 26, 2009 at 6:34 pm #

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