Friday Shoot Outs: Colors of the Rainbow

I have been trying to do the “Friday Shoot Outs” for weeks now, and finally I am going to attempt this. The”theme” is Colors of the Rainbow. Barry at an Explorers Life has a blurb explaining about the Friday Shoot outs and how it started small and has been gaining momentum…I think it is a fabulous idea. More links and things about Friday Shoot outs later.

Here goes, my first try at Friday Shoot Outs! Colors of the rainbow. . . Now, since I didn’t see the theme until this morning (laughing – okay, I’ll do better with the next one) – I will have to interpret it with the photos I took yesterday and a few I took last week . . .

This was actually a mistake I made with my camera! But I just loved the colors so I kept it.

Flowers at Lake Junaluska walk & the sunrise from my porch – what color!

Lake Junaluska Walk . . . Somewhere over the rainbow, Kat lives in her cove!
What are the colors of the rainbow you see right now?

12 thoughts on “Friday Shoot Outs: Colors of the Rainbow

  1. WOW! For someone who didn't have a lot of time to prepare, you really did an outstanding job! I love them all, so hard to pick a favorite, but I think that I like the pink flowers the best!

  2. Just wanted to say…your Smokies are one of my very favorite spots in the world. We used to live in Raleigh and vacation in Boone. Just love it there!! Sarah

  3. I loved the flowers but the sunrise from your porch just blew me away! If you're not a millionaire, Kathryn, you certainly have a million dollar view!Welcome to the Friday Home Town Shoot Out Gang!!

  4. Are all your sunrises that wonderful, Kathryn? I would have to be up before sunrise every single day – Lovely photos, especially the sunrise and the mistake, which is definitely a keeper. I'm so glad you decided to join the FSO.

  5. I love the colours you've included in your photo shoot. The view from the porch is breathtaking! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. It is taking me FOREVER but I am making my way down the gang's list of participants and adding myself as a follower so I can be 'pinged' when you post a friday shoot out blog. Barry is right your sunrise from the porch is wonderful and worth a million – it rivals my veranda in Nova Friburgo, Brasil. Look forward to 'following' you

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