Thank you all. . .

26 Jun
I appreciate you for stopping by and saying hi, even though I haven’t been able to visit much at all these past months with the Tender Graces novel coming out, then immediately beginning work on Book2. The work on the Vkbook2 is coming along well – almost 80,000 words and I want at least 95,000 before I start the "real editing." Right now, I’m getting the story down – I have a good "frame" and am filling in, deleting, adding – whatever.
I’m on twitter if any of you do that. I have a facebook, too – if any of you have that . . . stop and see me! I resisted those places at first when I was "invited" by people to be involved, but, I do see the appeal of going in and having 140 words or so to say something and to read something that quickly *smiling*
Amazon has Tender Graces on Kindle and the funny thing is, I’ve never even seen a Kindle! haw! I want to see one somewhere so I can see what it looks like. I doubt I’d ever read a novel on a device, but I’m curious about it. Anyone have one? What is the experience like? Do you really read an entire novel on a handheld device?
My reviews are still good and I am humbled and amazed and happy. I’ve had two people say they called in sick to finish my book – what a compliment! This experience is wonderful – the reaching out of readers. It’s a stressful thing sometimes, having a book published – a different stress from trying to be published, and these good words about  my words fill me up…thank you.
Now, go do the day! I am going to come visit on Sundays. That’s what I decided I would try to do. Until the second book is sent off, I have to concentrate there, but I think Sundays would be a good day to come a-calling….Open-mouthed

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  1. Stephen Craig June 28, 2009 at 8:42 pm #

    Dear Kathryn, Thank you for the Sunday visit. Smile! Indeed I did smile when reading that you dropped by and gave me big hello.Really like the last photograph as the sun light mists in the trees. Can\’t wait to read a bit of the new books. Hint, hint………In the mean timeAs ever be well

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